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Have you ever wanted to quickly create Wireless Network Between two or more Macs,
Having a router in the middle? Macs can use bonjour to make it super
Simple. This is useful if you are on a business trip or any other
Situation when you need to quickly network machines. You will need
Least two Macs for this tip.

Mac #1

1. Click on the 'airport 'icon. Choose 'create network '.


2. You can change the name or leave it as the default. You can also
Keep the same channel or choose a new one. If you want it to be secure,
Use a password, and this will make WEP required. Unfortunately it is
Just WEP, but it's probably fine for temporary use.


3. Now your airport shocould list your new network and connect you


Mac #2

1. Go to the 'airport 'and select the network you created on Mac #1.

2. enter a password if you need.

3. Click on the 'finder 'To make it active.



4. Finder-> go-> network. Click on the 'network' link.

5. You shoshould see the other Mac listed if sharing is setup properly.
'System prefs-> sharing '.


6. Double click on the Mac name and you shocould get the option
'Connect 'or 'share screen '.

7. When you are done with your network, go the airport menu and
Choose 'disconnect '.

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