Creating a logical volume in a Linux system in VMware

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1, with Poweroff will be virtual machine.

2. Add 4 1G HDD to the Linux virtual machine. Lsblk can be viewed after booting. Fdisk-l can also.

3, open the Linux virtual machine, 4 1G of hard disk to do LVM logical volume management.

The steps are as follows:

A: Use all remaining space by dividing the SDB, SDC, SDD, and SDE into a primary partition.

View all hard disk block devices with LSBLK

B: Create a SDB1, SDC1, SDD1 partition as a volume group named Vg0.

C: Add Sde1 to the VG0 volume group, and then remove SDC1 from the VG0 volume group.

D: Create a logical volume with a capacity of 2G with a name of Lv_data in the VG0 volume group.

E: Extend the lv_data logical volume capacity to 2.5G.

F: Format the Lv_data and mount it manually to the/data directory.

G: Copy the/etc/host* file to the/data directory.

LVM Implementation Reference:


FDISK/DEV/SDB-->n--->p--->1---> return 2 under-->W//Create Primary partition

PVCREATE/DEV/SD[B-E]1//Create physical volume


Vgcreate vg0/dev/sd[b-d]1//Create Volume group

Vgextend vg0/dev/sde1//Extended VG0 Volume Group capacity

Vgreduce VG0/DEV/SDC1//delete a piece of partition from VG0, note: Vgremove is deleting the entire volume group


Lvcreate-l 2g-n lv_data vg0//Create Logical Volume-l specify Logical Volume Size-n Specify Logical volume name

Lvextend-l +0.5g/dev/vg0/lv_data//expansion

Mkfs.ext4/dev/vg0/lv_data//Format ha, that is, create file system


Mount/dev/vg0/lv_data/data//Manually mount to the specified directory

Cp-v/etc/host*/data//Copy data


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Creating a logical volume in a Linux system in VMware

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