Cross-process callback in Android

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[Java] During Android Application Development, cross-process callback may occur. For example, if a service is called but the service is asynchronous, a notification must be sent to the customer after the service is completed, in this case, cross-process callback is required. In essence, the Binder mechanism is used for cross-process callback. The process is as follows: 1. define aidlITest. aidl [plain] package com. example. chirpdemo; import com. example. chirpdemo. ITestListener; interface ITest {int getValue (); void setValue (int value); void listen (ITestListener listener);} ITestListener. aidl [plain] www.2cto. compackage com. example. chirpdemo; interface ITestListener {void onFinished (int result);} 2. the Service is defined as follows: [java] package com. example. chirpdem O; import android. app. service; import android. content. intent; import android. OS. IBinder; import android. OS. remoteException; import android. util. log; public class MyService extends Service {final private static String TAG = "MyService"; public class ServiceImpl extends ITest. stub {private int mValue; private ITestListener mListener; public ServiceImpl () {mValue = 0 ;}@ Override public int getVal Ue () throws RemoteException {return mValue;} @ Override public void setValue (int value) throws RemoteException {mValue = value; if (null! = MListener) {mListener. onFinished (-1) ;}}@ Override public void listen (ITestListener listener) throws RemoteException {mListener = listener ;}@ Override public void onCreate () {Log. d (TAG, "onCreate"); super. onCreate () ;}@ Override public void onDestroy () {Log. d (TAG, "onDestroy"); super. onDestroy () ;}@ Override public void onStart (Intent intent, int startId) {Log. d (TAG, "onStart"); super. on Start (intent, startId) ;}@ Override public int onStartCommand (Intent intent, int flags, int startId) {Log. d (TAG, "onStartCommand"); return super. onStartCommand (intent, flags, startId) ;}@ Override public boolean onUnbind (Intent intent) {Log. d (TAG, "onUnbind"); return super. onUnbind (intent) ;}@ Override public void onRebind (Intent intent) {Log. d (TAG, "onRebind"); super. onRebind (intent) ;}@ Overr Ide public IBinder onBind (Intent arg0) {return new ServiceImpl () ;}} 3. the Client is defined as follows: [java] package com. example. easytabdemo; import android. app. activity; import android. content. componentName; import android. content. context; import android. content. intent; import android. content. serviceConnection; import android. graphics. pixelFormat; import android. graphics. drawable. drawable; import android. OS. bundle; Import android. OS. IBinder; import android. OS. remoteException; import android. util. log; import android. view. view; import android. view. view. onClickListener; import android. view. viewGroup; import android. widget. button; import android. widget. editText; import android. widget. textView; import com. example. chirpdemo. ITest; import com. example. chirpdemo. ITestListener; import com. example. easytabdemo. sshorteta BHost. tabSpec; public class MainActivity extends Activity {final private static String TAG = "MainActivity"; final Intent myIntent = new Intent ("com. pyk. les. ilongExistService "); private boolean startedService = false; private ITest leservice = null; ServiceConnection myServiceConnection = new ServiceConnection () {@ Override public void onServiceConnected (ComponentName, IBinder service) {les Ervice = ITest. stub. asInterface (service); try {leservice. listen (new ITestListener. stub () {@ Override public void onFinished (int result) throws RemoteException {}});} catch (RemoteException e) {// TODO Auto-generated catch block e. printStackTrace () ;}@ Override public void onServiceDisconnected (ComponentName name) {leservice = null; Log. I ("aaaaaaaaaaaa", "onDisconnected:" + Thread. currentTh Read () ;};@ Override protected void onCreate (Bundle savedInstanceState) {super. onCreate (savedInstanceState); setContentView (R. layout. activity_main); startedService = bindService (new Intent ("com. my. IService "), myServiceConnection, BIND_AUTO_CREATE); Log. I ("aaaaaaaaaaaa", "bindService:" + Thread. currentThread (); Button bt = (Button) this. findViewById (R. id. bt1); bt. setOnClickListener (new OnClickL Istener () {@ Override public void onClick (View arg0) {if (startedService) {if (null! = Leservice) {try {leservice. setValue (leservice. getValue () + 1);} catch (RemoteException e) {e. printStackTrace () ;}}}}); view. setOnClickListener (new OnClickListener () {@ Override public void onClick (View arg0) {if (startedService) {if (null! = Leservice) {try {mEditText. setText (leservice. getValue () + "");} catch (RemoteException e) {e. printStackTrace () ;}}}}) ;}@ Override public void onStart () {super. onStart (); Log. I ("aaaaaaaa", "onStart") ;}@ Override public void onPause () {super. onPause (); Log. I ("aaaaaaaa", "onPause") ;}@ Override public void onResume () {super. onResume (); Log. I ("aaaaaaaa", "onResume");} @ Override public void onStop () {super. onStop (); Log. I ("aaaaaaaa", "onStop") ;}@ Override protected void onDestroy () {if (startedService) {unbindService (myServiceConnection);} Log. I (TAG, "onDestroy"); super. onDestroy ();}}

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