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A. CSS style selector 2
1. Universal Selector--{font-family: "Song body"; declaration2; Declarationn} 2
2. Type selector--p{font-family: "Song Body";} or P1,p2{font-family: "XXFarEastFont-Arial";} A comma represents or means.
3. Class--p.code{font-family: "XXFarEastFont-Arial";} 2
4.id--#code {font-family: "Song Body";} 2
Two. Style Sheet 2
1. Inline style sheet 2
2. Internal style sheet 2
3. External style sheet 2
4. Style sheet Priority--Nearest principle 3
Three. Property 3
1. Text 3
2. Text 3
3. Background Properties 4
4. Hyperlink 4
5. Margin Property 4
6. Border Properties 4
Four. CSS Layout 5
1.DIV mark (chunking mark)--
2. span mark (row mark)--*** 6
3. Div&span Distinction 6
4. Display Property 6
5. @import merged CCTV file 6
A. CSS style selector
1. Universal Selector--{font-family: "Song body"; declaration2; Declarationn}
2. Type selector--p{font-family: "Song Body";} or P1,p2{font-family: "XXFarEastFont-Arial";} A comma represents or means.
3.class--p.code{font-family: "Song Body";}
td.fancy {
Color: #f60;
Background: #666;
In the example above, the table cell with the class name fancy will be orange with a gray background.
4.id--#code {font-family: "Song Body";}
#sidebar p {font-style:italic;    Text-align:right;    Margin-top:0.5em; }
Two. Style sheet
1. Inline style sheet

2. Internal style sheet

3. External style sheet
An external style sheet is an ideal choice when a style needs to be applied to many pages. In the case of using an external style sheet, you can change the appearance of the entire site by changing a file. Each page is linked to the style sheet using the tag. tags in (document) head:

4. Style sheet Priority-proximity principle
Three. Property
1. Text
2. The text
Property Describe
Color Set Text color
Direction Sets the direction of the text.
Line-height Sets the row height.
Letter-spacing Sets the spacing between characters.
Text-align The text is aligned.
Text-decoration Add adornments to the text.
Text-indent First line indent.
Text-transform Controls the letters in the element.
Word-spacing Sets the word spacing.
3. Background properties
4. Hyperlinks
Status of A:link when not accessed
Status after a:visited access
A:active the state when the mouse point is not placed
A:hover the state of the mouse row is obsolete
5. Margin Properties
6. Border Properties
Four. CSS Layout
1.DIV mark (chunking mark)--

this is a header

this is a paragraph.

this is a header

this is a paragraph.

2.span mark (line mark)--***

some Text.some Other text.

3.div&span Difference
Div will cause a newline, and span will not.
4.display Properties
The Display property sets the type of box that the element should generate.
p.inline {display:inline; }
Inline is displayed on the same line, none text is not displayed, block linefeed output.
5. @import combined with CCTV documents
You can combine multiple CSS files into a single CSS file.
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