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Yaml, one of CSS frameworks

We are familiar with JS frameworks, such as prototype and jquery. In fact, XHTML + CSS also has a framework. The most famous one is Yui, which is developed by the Yahoo development team. But it is a little large and involves some JS frameworks. So it may be a little tired at the beginning of the study. This yaml is simple. It may be because the framework is still very simple in the early stages of development and there are not many things. If you are interested in the xhmtl + css framework, you can check it out. In China, it seems that no friend is doing this. If you are interested, you may be the ancestor of the Chinese css framework. Haha ..
Web site: http://www.yaml.de/en/ contains the source code, development documentation and some use of this framework to build page instances.

Css framework II blueprintcss


    • An easily customizable Grid
    • Sensible typography
    • Relative font-sizes everywhere
    • A typographic baseline
    • An extendable plugin system
    • Perfected CSS Reset
    • A stylesheet for Printing
    • Compressed version
    • No bloat of any kind
Css framework 3 elements

1. What is elements?
Elements is a pure css framework that helps designers quickly and efficiently write CSS documents. You can understand it as a set of templates that contain the CSS classes required by most websites. He is very small and only has four files. A total of less than 6 kb.

2. What are the purposes of these four files?
Elements.css summarizes common CSS classes in site CSS.
Reset presets some common HTML tags. For example, HTML, body, Div, span, applet, H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, h6.
Presets of common labels for typography Text Formatting. Such as body, UL, ol, DL, TD, Th, caption, pre, P, BLOCKQUOTE, input, textarea, etc.
External links presets links in various document forms. Someone has proposed this item for a long time.

3. How to Use the elements css framework?

<LINK rel = "stylesheet" type = "text/CSS" href = "/CSS/elements/elementsimport.css"/>
You can upload 5 CSS files to your images. elementsimp.css only imports the other four CSS files.

@ Import "reset.css ";
@ Import "typography.css ";
@ Import "elements.css ";
@ Import "externallinks.css ";

The elements framework may not be suitable for website development, but we can find a good architecture. If you often deal with CSS, whether you are working on an enterprise site or portal site, sort out your previous documents and develop your own css framework based on your needs, it will greatly improve your development efficiency.

Three CSS frameworks: yaml + blueprintcss + elements (2477)-308.08 KB


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