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0. Pain and Treatment
The disease is at the heart of the disease, and it is also at the heart of the skin, needle Stone (Chinese medical needle or stone acupuncture points), and at the gastrointestinal tract, fire Qi (Chinese Medicine decoction name, fire Qi Tang) and also; in the bone marrow, the fate of the, helpless also.
When the disease is on the surface of the skin, decoction and ironing can be used to treat it; when in the skin, with silver needle and stone needle can treat it; in the gastrointestinal, you can treat it with fire qi tang. in the bone marrow, it is the place under the jurisdiction of the God in charge of life.

1. meridian points that should be known in daily health care
The baihui point on the top of the head, the great vertebral point on the back, the Hegu point at the "hukou", the Shenque point in the umbilical, the Yongquan Point at the soles of the feet, and the st36, inguan, and Sanyinjiao points.
There are three most important acupoints: Hegu, Neiguan, and st36.
2. acupoint search
3. Emergency Response to leg cramps
In normal times, once leg cramps occur, you can immediately use your hands to hold the big toe on one side of the cramps, and then slowly straighten your feet, and then stretch your legs, the calf muscles will not crud; or use your hands to massage your legs, it also works.
If leg cramps occur frequently multiple times, medical treatment should be performed.
The simplest thing is to relax during cramps ~ Extend your feet slowly
4. Common Causes of leg cramps

① Cold. For example, exercise in a cold environment in winter. inadequate preparation activities; low swimming water temperature in summer may cause leg cramps. Sleep at night without covering the quilt, and the calf muscles are excited by the cold.

② The muscles continuously contract too fast. During strenuous exercise, the whole body is in a tense state, and the muscles in the legs contract too fast. The relaxation time is too short, the local metabolic product lactic acid increases, and the muscle contraction and relaxation are difficult to coordinate, resulting in calf muscle cramps.

③ Too much sweat. Exercise for a long time, exercise a large amount, sweat, and did not promptly supplement the salt. A large amount of liquid and electrolyte in the body is lost, metabolic waste accumulation, poor blood circulation in the muscles, and prone to convulsions.

④ Excessive fatigue. When traveling, mountain, or climbing, the calf muscles are the most prone to fatigue. Because every login is successful. the whole body is supported by a single foot. The muscle of this leg needs six times the human weight to lift the foot. When it is fatigued to a certain extent, it will be paralyzed.

⑤ Calcium deficiency. Calcium ions play an important role in muscle contraction. When the calcium ion concentration in the blood is too low, the muscles are excited and paralyzed. Teenagers grow rapidly and are prone to calcium deficiency. Therefore, leg cramps often occur.

5. Prevention of leg cramps

① Pay attention to calcium and vitamin D supplementation. You can take calcium tablets or calcium-rich foods, such as shrimps, milk and soy products.

② Strengthen physical exercise, make full preparations during exercise, and let the body go through activities. At this time, the blood circulation of the lower limbs is smooth, and then participate in various intense sports or competitions to avoid leg cramps.

③ Keep warm and avoid cold local muscles

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