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iOS development small function of 9:5 code to take care of simple parent-child controller

Small size elder brother Big God code, indeed streamlined!1, the final results such as the following three diagram, click One,two,three, respectively, 3 different controllers appearDirect code: (three controller created on it)#import "ViewController.h"#import "ZWOneViewController.h"#import "ZWTwoViewController.h"#import "ZWThreeViewController.h"@interfaceViewcontroller ()/** The controller being displayed*/@property (Weak, nonatomic) Uiviewcontroller*SHOWINGVC;/** Controller Array*/@property (St

Personal Financial management considerations: Insurance Investment and elder care must take into account the elder care of personal financial management _ Sina finance _ xinlang net

burden, rather than putting the family into financial difficulties. We also recommend that you purchase short-term children's insurance (accident + medical care) for two children ).   Education Gold Plan It has become a major concern for parents to get better education and prepare an education fund to meet future needs. It is recommended that Mr. Huang invest a few funds for the two children respectively. If the annual rate of return for each

Increase the humanistic care of the website and improve the user experience

,, you can listen to me when you are free.Many friends around me like Xu Fei, May days or something, do you like it? Now the new people really more and more, a variety of, I have to submit:Okay, no more, see ya! Come and play sometime! My empty Mail Three: Dear Member, Hello! Thank you in XXXX forum Registration, here wish you all the best! If this email is causing inconvenience to you. If you have not come to the forum for a

12-hour health care

that is attached to the inner. Generally, the human heart and lung belong to the upper focal point, the middle Spleen and Stomach belong to the middle focal point, and the liver and kidney are under the focal point. The nature of "three focal points" is warm, just like a small fire. That is to say, our human body must maintain a low temperature, that is, "three focal points ". In addition, sanjiao must be smooth and not always ill. What is the image of pig? If you are full, you can sleep.

Infant Care Plan

voiceprints, And the expressions, colors, and actions of grass, small flowers, and small animals on the screen, it also became a fresh image because of her rich expression. What does a 0-3-year-old baby remember? Do we really need to stick to it like this? Psychologists say that the baby needs environmental stimulation. Reading with the child can stimulate her hearing, vision, and colorful cards, it is a kind of stimulus for the baby to watch,

30 things you don't need to care about before you are 30 years old

1. Give up The opposite is giving up. If you choose an opportunity, you give up all other possibilities. New opportunities In front of me, dare to give up everything we have gained. This is not a loss, it is not a half-done thing, it is Or do nothing, just because you like it, because young people are the biggest Opportunity. People, only before the age of thirty will have this guts, have this other capital, have this qualification. 2. Lost in love Don't car

A qualified programmer does not care about others' opinions.

A qualified programmer does not care about others' opinions. My hand is shaking ...... I can hardly breatheAfter six months of training, I just completed my first one-on-one coding evaluation. But it's not as smooth as I thought.To be honest, I feel like my brain cells have been bombed.The hands slowly left the keyboard, and my heart was quite depressed. You can't help but pray: everything will go smoothly, right? At least in some places, my

Web Design tips: Design care for special people

portals, do not feel small, because all the words of the portal is very small, but once he read the, and then back to other sites, he will feel "how can the word so small?" "When users have a comfortable experience, it's hard to go back to uncomfortable experiences," he said. Similarly, the QQ game can also enlarge the choice of font, the left font size can be adjusted. Tencent Network children's channel research. We have always thought that all humans interact in the way we envision,

Interview Wunda: I don't care if AI turns evil.

Interview Wunda: I don't care if AI turns evil.It can be said that these universities have the best computer science courses: Carnegie Mellon University, MIT, Berkeley, California and Stanford. These are the places where Wunda received a bachelor's degree, a master's degree, a doctorate, and 12 years of coaching.Wunda is a benchmark in AI, and he is not even 40 years old. In 2011, he founded the Google Brain, a deep-learning project that has been bril

[Post] 15 things you don't need to care about before you are 30 years old

will laugh at you. In fact, it only means that your nerves are still very keen, and you will quickly respond to very weak stimuli. When you feel dull, people will say you are deep.FrustratedIncluding emotional and career, maybe it's just that today I spent a lot of money and didn't buy anything to worry about, but my friend's friends couldn't insert a sentence. If you care too much about the feeling of being frustrated, you can either tease yourself

Android Custom Control series 10: Use the Add custom layout to take care of the distribution of touch events, and address specific controls in the composite interface in response to specific directions of events

This example is more useful, basically can say, after writing this time, in many cases, come directly to AddView , and then Addinterceptorview a bit, You can easily reach specific controls in the composite interface to respond to touch events in a particular direction. Please respect the original labor results, reproduced please specify the source:, Do not allow for commercial or profit-making purposes, and violators are required to do so.

An example of effective communication: will my son take the initiative to care about me?

next to it, and found out the TV remote control and put it on the bedside table. "Mom, I have prepared for you.You can watch TV on your bed. I will write my homework and practice piano on my own. You can have a rest ." I was shocked and felt my eyes were wet. I said to my son, "you have prepared so much for me. I am very touched. I feel, justMy mother was very guilty because she was not able to take care of you because of her own discomfort ." The so

Children's cough care knowledge

Http:// 90/thread-1409-1-1.html The weather is cold and hot. It is very easy to catch a cold and cough. Because you have children, you are particularly concerned about cough care. According to the introduction of drug sales staff, summarize the following knowledge about children's cough care Two days after a cold, dry cough, yellow, cough phlegm, don't cough, anti-inflammatory: dalifen

Skincare Summary Skin Care (2)

, can make makeup very adhere natural ~Face Cream article1. Origins energy-boosting Moisture, the source of the joy Wood caffeine vitality Brightening moisturizing curdThe texture between the gel and the cream, absorbing very fast, water-replenishing effect is good, the morning after painting the day after the face is not oil ~ favorite is its faint orange fragrance??2. Aveeno Clear complexion Daily MoisturizerAveeno is an American brand that specializes in maternal and

Health care _ 1110 (reproduced)

Label: style blog HTTP color Io OS Java ar strong Healthcare _ 1110 Although Autumn is the best season for tonic, some people are afraid that excessive tonic may lead to obesity. Therefore, they should eat more fish. The fat content of fish is high, and their own nutrition is unmatched, nourishing yin and moistening dryness, next let's take a look at which fish are the best to eat in autumn. 1. Grass Carp --- a good product for warming up It's easy to seeFoodIt is one of the four major domesti

One emotion can only be stored with care

One emotion can only be stored with care Http:// 16:21:41 A person will always meet several special people throughout his life. Such a person may be your pure spiritual sustenance, but he cannot be simply labeled as a friend, because his love for you is beyond the limits and concepts of ordinary friends, you and him have never been the specific behavior that promotes Huawei's lover ...... Therefore, this type of person should be be

170 physiological knowledge, good health care

1. refreshing water to wash your feet may damage your health.2. It is good for you to endure hardships in summer.3. drinking more water can prevent kidney stones.4. You should not go to bed naked in the summer.5. More porridge is recommended for winter health care.6. The number of Bath Times in winter is not suitable for many times.7. We should not look forward to a warm room in winter.8. It is not advisable to stay in the fog for a long time in winte

Let us feel the out and in, outin of the generic interface with great care

Let us feel the out and in, outin of the generic interface with great care The out and in keywords are familiar to everyone. F12 has seen many generic types defined by the system. However, it is rarely used in practice. It was previously seen in the Redbook that two or three pages were covered. Some concepts are directly moved out. They just say what the writing will do and why the image is not designed and useful. In addition, the meaning of translat

Do programmers only care about one acre of land

listen to anyone's opinions. In fact, this is very dangerous. I have made similar mistakes in the past, but when you calm down and think about the sentence, what is our goal: to meet the customer's needs, will such a complicated system bring more instability and complexity to the customer? In fact, the customer does not care about how you implement the system, but you need to meet the most basic requirements of the customer and make it easy to use, i

How to care for your hair!

to the left and right sides2. the hair and the scalp become vertical during carding, which will not damage the hair follicles and pore tissue. More force can be used for dry hair carding. The smaller the force of oily hair, the better, the stress increases the secretion of oil glands.3. The Carding Force should be balanced. Do not comb and pull the hair to keep the blood flowing under the scalp.4. Regular hair brush can make the hair healthy growth, remove dandruff and dust, keep the hair clean

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