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Mask piece

Individuals do not like sheet-shaped mask, so with a paste-like mask more.

1. Origins Drink up-intensive Overnight mask Yue Wood source hydrating sleeping Mask

Shea butter Texture ~ Dense hydrating feeling, the next day to feel the skin soft and soft moist.

2. Origins Out-of-trouble Mask The source of joy Wood

This is more like cleaning the mask, after 10 minutes to wash off. Also has a good sedative effect. Every time acne outbreak will first Use first aid mask, and then use healthy water, effect of the leverage of ~

3. Shinran Black-transparent white jelly film

It is said to have a cleaning effect and wash off after 30 minutes. I used to feel that there was no work.

4. Peter Thomas Roth Petrov Green Melon Mask

In summer, every time you go home, the first thing is to make a cleansing wash, and then take out the green melon mask on the refrigerator. Ice cold cool clear refreshing cool feeling is good ~ water effect is not as origins, but refreshing a lot, suitable for summer use.

5. GNC Aloe Vera Gum

In the United States, a price of less than 2 knives, the fancy is that it does not contain alcohol fragrance-free. Autumn and winter season dry or summer time, put on a thick layer of aloe vera gum, and then use thayers rose water to do water film deposited, water-replenishing effect is very good!

Essence article

1. Kiehl ' s Kiehl Night Healing Essence

Rich Lavender Fragrance ~ dosage is very small, each time two or three drops can be painted full face. Although it is oily, it does not feel oily after the face is rubbed evenly. The next day feel the face run. Temporarily did not find the effect of the dilution of fine lines, found that can dilute the acne printing.

2. Kiehl ' s Kiehl blemish extract

Gel texture, no oil. Used the sample, it is true that smallpox printed a little. Prepare to buy at the next Kiehl discount

3. Lancome Lancome Small black bottle of muscle bottom liquid

Translucent, creamy texture. It is actually used before the essence/cream/night cream. The effect is really amazing. The sensation is able to enhance the absorption of the essence and cream. More like on the makeup before also with small black bottle hit the bottom, can make makeup very adhere natural ~

Face Cream article

1. Origins energy-boosting Moisture, the source of the joy Wood caffeine vitality Brightening moisturizing curd

The texture between the gel and the cream, absorbing very fast, water-replenishing effect is good, the morning after painting the day after the face is not oil ~ favorite is its faint orange fragrance??

2. Aveeno Clear complexion Daily Moisturizer

Aveeno is an American brand that specializes in maternal and child products, so his skincare formulations are mild. This cream is a latex texture, containing a small amount of salicylic acid, you can control acne. The disadvantage is that if you make makeup after this face cream, there will be dry powder situation.

3. Aveeno Fragrance free Baby Daily Moisture Lotion Oat Moisturizer

A second representative of the cheap big bowl! Less than 10 knives in price, two large bottles! Because it is completely free of alcohol and spices, I usually use this only when the skin is in a bad condition. Water-replenishing effect, often to the afternoon face on the oil. And a little bit of heavy feeling. But still I need to fix the first choice of calming skin!

Lipstick articles

1. Burt ' s Bee Bee Lip balm

Run without oil, very suitable for daytime use. You can also apply a thick layer of lip mask at night.

2. Kielh ' s Kiehl 1th lipstick

Good and easy to use! A hint of fragrance, oil texture, perfect for evening lip mask. The next day found that the lip lines are light, very moist.

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Skincare Summary Skin Care (2)

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