Desiredcapabilities parameter settings for Appium

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Desiredcapabilities parameter settings for Appium

The desiredcapabilities is responsible for setting the parameters when the server is started. Actual use, according to their own needs, you can modify some of the parameters.

For example, when an application looks for an element of a page, it may take longer to locate. The default command interval is 60s, and will automatically exit if it is not found within 60s. You can use a newCommandTimeout value that is set to a larger size.


For example, when you first use Appium, set the path of the installation apk above, and the debugger discovers that the interface has no return data after installation. The problem was later fixed because it was re-signed at the time of installation. The protection mechanism of the program makes no data return. You can use noSign settings to avoid re-signing.


Of course, later found not to write the file path in the program, but to install the Test package in advance, so as to avoid the need to reinstall each time.

Full- ServerParameters


**server capabilities**capability Appium, selendroidplatformname platform name:IOS,Android, or FirefoxosplatformversionMovingSystem version number of the device, 7.1, 4.4deviceName ios:instruments-s devices,android: Write the App installation file path:/abs/path/to/my.ap K or Http:// test.WebBrowser, if the test app ignores the maximum time Newcommandtimeout waits for a new command, and exits after a timeout.                 The default is whether 60sautoLaunch is automatically installed and started, the default Truelanguage simulator language setting locale simulator regional Settings Udid Device number Orientation Simulator's screen settings Autowebview Move directly into Webview contextnoreset not heavy before current session App Status Fullreset iOS Delete folder, Android Delete app data. **android only**appactivity to start the activityapppackage to start the package appwaitactivity wait for AC Tivityappwaitpackage waiting packet devicereadytimeout time to wait for device readiness Androidcoverage Enableperformancel Ogging (Chrome and WebView only) default= Falseandroiddevicereadytimeoutandroiddevicesocketavdavdlaunchtimeoutavdreadytimeoutavdargsusekeystorekeystorepathkeystore Passwordkeyaliaskeypasswordchromedriverexecutableautowebviewtimeoutintentactionintentcategoryintentflagsoptionalintentarg Umentsunicodekeyboardresetkeyboardnosign Skip checking and signing,work only with uiautomator and not with SE LendrOidignoreunimportantviews**ios only** Calendarformatbundleidudidlaunchtimeoutlocationservicesenabledlocationservicesauthorizedautoacceptalertsnativeinstruments Libnativewebtapsafariallowpopupssafariignorefraudwarningsafariopenlinksinbackgroundkeepkeychainslocalizablestringsdirproc Essargumentsinterkeydelayshowioslog

Desiredcapabilities parameter settings for Appium

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