Differences between two JRE and JRE in eclipse and JDK + [original] Method for configuring javadoc in myeclipse

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[Switch] differences between two JRE types in eclipse and between JRE and JDK

---------- Differentiate two types of JRE in eclipse --------

(Eclipse is also a common Java program, so there must be a JRE as the runtime environment. If your machine does not have any jre(mongojdk, this document will not be used as a partition, then click eclipse.exe and an error will be reported that JRE cannot be found. You can install a JRE or directly copy the JRE directory to the eclipse installation directory.

In each eclipse project, you can specify different JRE versions for the project. For example, project a uses jdk1.4 for compilation and Project B uses jdk1.5 for compilation. This JDK version is not directly related to running JRE in eclipse.
If eclipse. if the-VM parameter is configured in ini, use the JRE specified by this parameter; otherwise, check whether the JRE folder exists in the eclipse installation directory. If yes, use this JRE; otherwise, go to the system to find the installed JRE. If not, an error is returned.

----------- Differences between JRE and JDK ---------------

You have installed JRE when installing JDK. JDK is used to compile Java programs (javac ).
And JRE is the Java program you use to run ). After installing JDK, we found that there are two sets of JRE on the computer. This is because the JDK tool is almost written in Java, so it is also a Java application, therefore, to use the tools attached to JDK to develop Java programs, you must also attach a set of JRE.

Eclipse-window-preferences-Java-installed jres \ add \ JDK...

In myeclipse, When you configure installed jres, You must select the JDK directory, and the jars that you import are automatically associated with the src.zip file under the root directory of the installation.

[Original] how to configure javadoc in myeclipse

When using myeclipse, I often want to view the javadoc of a system class or interface, which is very tangled. So I configured it today. I can summarize it.

Before configuration: The javadoc prompt can be provided for the content of javase, but javaee does not

First, download javaeedoc and go to the official website. It costs 5 points on csdn, which is too expensive... I can't afford it...

: Https://cds.sun.com/is-bin/INTERSHOP.enfinity/WFS/CDS-CDS_SMI-Site/en_US/-/USD/ViewProductDetail-Start? Productref = java_ee_6u1_docs-JPR @ CDS-CDS_SMI

Click to download javadocee6.zip

Open myeclipse and select "window"> "Preferences"> Java Enterprise Project> library sets.

The jar package on the right does not have the javadoc location.

Click "edit", select "javadoc in archive", and select the downloaded javadocee6.zip file.

You can choose not to select the following. If you download other APIs online, you may need to check them and select the API directory.

Then you can see:

Configure javadoc one by one (they cannot be set at the same time, but only one by one). After completing the configuration, check again.

So far, the configuration of javadoc in myeclipse is complete! Thank you...

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