Differences between versions of Java

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In December 1998, Sun released Java 1.2 and started using the name "Java 2", and we have rarely used the previous version of 1.2, so what is commonly referred to as Java is Java2.

Java has three versions, namely J2SE, Java EE, and J2ME, which are described in detail below.

J2SE (Java 2 Platform standard Edition) edition

J2SE is the standard version of Java, mainly for the development of clients (desktop applications), such as common text editor, download software, instant messaging tools, etc., can be implemented through J2SE.

J2SE contains the core class libraries of Java, such as database connections, interface definitions, input/output, network programming, and so on. To learn Java programming is to start with J2SE.

EE (Java 2 Platform Enterprise Edition) Corporate Edition

Java EE is the most feature-rich version, mainly for the development of high-traffic, large data volume, high concurrency of the site, such as the United States, where the background of the network is the Java EE. JSP development is often described as part of the Java EE.

The Java EE contains classes in J2SE and includes classes for developing enterprise applications such as EJBS, Servlets, JSPs, XML, transaction control, and so on.

Java EE can also be used to develop more complex management software, such as ERP system (Enterprise Resource planning, Corporate Resource planning system).

J2ME (Java 2 Platform micro Edition) Mini version

J2ME contains only a subset of the classes in the J2SE, the impact of the platform is relatively large, mainly for the development of embedded systems and mobile platforms, such as pagers, smart cards, mobile phones (function machines), set-top boxes and so on.

Do you still remember that there are a lot of Java games on your Motorola and Nokia phones when your smartphone is not yet in public view? This is developed with J2ME.

Java's original intention is to do this piece of development.

Note: Android phones have their own development components and do not use J2ME for development.

After the Java5.0 version, J2SE, Java EE, J2ME were renamed to Java SE, JavaScript, Java ME, because of the habits of reason, we still call J2SE, Java EE, J2ME.

Differences between versions of Java

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