Disable the XML file run as's XSL transformation in eclipse to generate out. XML for Android application development.

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Programmers who use the new version of eclipse indigo to develop Android have probably encountered a problem similar to me: Android program development involves various XML resources. After opening the XML file for editing and saving, eclipse indigo runs directly accidentally, opens XSL transformation intelligently to run XML, and automatically generates an out button next to the XML file. XML file, causing program compilation to fail, you must first refresh the out. find the XML file and right-click it to delete it before it can be compiled again.

The best way is not to run it directly when the XML is opened. But I used to do this when I was developing J2EE. The power of habit is very powerful. I can't change it for a while. I accidentally click it more than a dozen times a day, which is very annoying; I would like to say that I should return to the old version of Galileo eclipse. That version often has many dead-end problems, which is really difficult to use, and it is also difficult to go back, so I began to find a way to disable it.

After studying for a long time, I did not find a way to completely remove the XSL operation, but I still found a way to block out when I accidentally clicked XML to run directly. the XML file generation method is to create a fake Java XSLT processor:

1. Open eclipse indigo and execute the menu command window | preferences;

2. Find XML | XSL | Java processors on the left;

3. in the list on the right, click Add to add a new processor with a random name. For example, if I have a name named huz_fake_xsl, click "add external jars ", find a useless JAR file and click OK;

4. Select the new fake processor in the list and save the settings.

In this case, when you run XML again, an error occurs directly without generating out. xml. Although XSL is not completely disabled to solve the problem, it is much better not to generate out. xml.

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