Do you know the Oracle. Net protocol stack?

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When learning Oracle, you may encounter Oracle. Net problems. Here we will introduce the solutions to Oracle. Net problems. Here we will share with you. Since Oracle databases usually need to be accessed in different places, Oracle developers must understand how database performance is affected by network communication. The TNS (Transparent Network Substrate) provided by Oracle allows distributed communication between different databases.

As a distributed protocol, TNS allows transparent database communication between systems over a long distance. TNS is the "insulator" between Oracle logical data requests and physical communication between remote servers )". As a result, network administrators can control network performance optimization in many aspects. In this way, Oracle administrators have little control over network settings that affect the performance of the entire database.

You can use some key settings to Improve the Performance of distributed processing. This article discusses some important settings. The init. ora Parameter Related to distributed communication, such as tcp. nodelay, can be used to change the packet-shipping mechanism in the Oracle database.

This article also discusses parameters in the sqlnet. ora, tnsnames. ora, and protocol. ora files. You can use these methods to change the configuration and size of the TCP information package. The changed information package can have an important impact on the transparent network layer, so as to improve the communication between the entire Oracle database.

Oracle. NET does not allow Oracle administrators to optimize Oracle network parameters to improve network performance. In fact, most network communication cannot be optimized in the Oracle environment. Oracle. Net is a layer in the OSI model of a specific network protocol stack.

To respond to a data request, Oracle. Net obtains the data and passes it to the protocol stack. The protocol stack then creates an information package from this data and transmits it to the network. Oracle. Net is used to transmit data to the protocol stack.

However, DBA can control the frequency and size of network information packets. There are a variety of tools in Oracle that can change the frequency and size of information packages. A simple example is to change the interval at which a larger number of snapshots are sent at a lower frequency.

You can use different parameters to optimize Oracle. Net between different servers. Remember that network optimization is performed outside the Oracle scope. A qualified network administrator should be able to handle various inquiries. Some settings can affect the transmission frequency and size of network information packets. these settings are included in the following parameter files.
◆ Protocol. ora file-tcp. nodelay
◆ Sqlnet. oraserver file-automatic_ipc
◆ Sqlnet. clientlient file-break_poll_skip
◆ Tnsnames. ora file-SDU, TDU
◆ Listener. ora file-SDU, TDU, and queuesize

These optimization parameters only affect the performance of the Oracle. Net layer. Now let's take a closer look at these parameters and how they are adjusted to improve Oracle. Net.

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