Do you want to know the secrets of one-click SAP deployment ?, Sap deployment

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Do you want to know the secrets of one-click SAP deployment ?, Sap deployment

Enterprise applications such as SAP have become a popular trend. Considering the characteristics of different industries and needs, the selected platform must be able to provide flexible capacity requirements for users and various IT activities at different levels.

At this time, cloud migration may be a good choice. For enterprises that want to migrate to the cloud, on the one hand, they want their own implementation to be efficient and low-cost; on the other hand, they want to minimize the risk. SAP provides different product and function modules for different customer needs, from supply chain to manufacturing, from logistics to sales to customer support and service, the arrangement and combination of different configurations and functions are dazzling 」. How to select the most suitable solution for different modules, functions, and diversified needs has become a major issue that enterprises need to seriously consider and weigh before implementing the SAP project.


At this time, it may be wise to seek help from professional vendors.


Build information and provide an all-in-one SAP solution

China Building Materials Information Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company under the China Building Materials group focusing on information technology. It is also an important partner of SAP, the world's highest-end ERP manufacturer in China. Starting from March 13, 2014, CNBM Information Technology Co., Ltd. and Microsoft began strategic cooperation and adopted Azure public cloud based on Microsoft technology to jointly build an enterprise cloud support platform for CNBM Information Technology Co., Ltd. This makes up for the blank SAP on Azure Application Model in China.


According to estimates, compared with the traditional method, domestic users can deploy SAP applications in the SAP on Azure mode, which can save up to 75% of the cost and complete rapid deployment within 20 minutes; IT infrastructure system deployment efficiency improved by 200 ~ 300 times, saving 60% of storage costs and quickly restoring the system status as needed. You can migrate existing data centers to the cloud without additional costs.


Settled in the Azure image market,

Meeting the information construction needs of different customers


Recently, China Construction Information has logged on to the Azure image market, providing industry customers with secure, reliable, high-quality, and scalable industry solutions to meet their different demands for information construction.

The Azure image market is not only an online image repository, but also an online solution repository. There are various industry solutions provided by various suppliers, IT can meet the diversified business needs of the integrated industry, manufacturing, public utilities, retail fast-selling, tourism, real estate, Internet, logistics and transportation, financial securities, media, petrochemical, automotive services, IT services, etc.


Sap ecc, suitable ERP solution

The image launched in this project is based on sap ecc (the core component of an SAP Enterprise). This is a complete ERP solution that is economical and highly integrated and meets the needs of the industry, it is also the latest generation of SAP products.

SAP ECC6.0 can meet the requirements of medium enterprises and is also the preferred solution for medium-sized enterprises. With SAP ECC6.0, users can obtain powerful power from it, providing enterprises with industry segmentation features and automatic processing capabilities based on "best business practices, it is used to replace patchwork systems that are difficult to upgrade and expand, solutions that require high-price maintenance, or products that require a large amount of human and financial resources for secondary development to meet the needs of enterprises, so as to gain more room for improvement.

A complete ERP solution that is cost-effective, highly integrated, and applicable to industrial needs and can meet the requirements of most medium-sized enterprises for business software. Sap erp supports core business processes through a fully integrated system and integrates sales, marketing, and service functions. At the same time, the software's business analysis and reporting functions can help users fully understand business operations and performance levels.

Seamless integration with sap srm, CRM, SCM, PLM and MES systems. The implementation is very simple, and users can hardly feel the differences between different systems. An enterprise application platform composed of multiple SAP systems can greatly reduce the total cost of ownership and bring real benefits to the enterprise.


Establish information sap ecc on Azure solution,

Handling of complex problems in a package

Users can deploy the sap ecc suite on Azure through images provided by China Construction Information. Customers can choose different SAP modules, Windows or Linux operating systems, and different database systems flexibly, build a customized sap ecc on Azure solution.

The sap ecc solution deployed on Azure significantly simplifies user infrastructure management, accelerates Customer business launch, and reduces costs. China Construction Information provides an all-in-one aggregation cloud service that integrates and provides up to a dozen services, covering the three-tier cloud computing architecture of IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS, forming an integrated cloud service capability, meet the needs of users from all walks of life.

Customers only need to select a solution in the Azure image market, click "Contact supplier", fill in relevant information, and "Deploy now" to experience the One-Stop self-service platform service from solution to deployment in the Azure image market.

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