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Sterling Business-to-business integrator and SAP interaction-01 Introduction

The company recently implemented on-line SAP system, because of the customer's data interaction with the use of more EDI data interchange, and most customers are not using the same EDI data (csv,xml,x12,webservice), so on the EDI architecture selected IBM Products Sterling Business-to-business integrator as middleware to transform the data into

Sterling Business-to-business integrator interaction with SAP-02 installation configuration

System composition:1. Server OS and hardware:os:red Hat Enterprise Linux Server Release 6.6Hardware:virtual machine, x86_64,2 core, 8GB RAM, 100GB HDD2. Software:Java JDK 1.7.0 Update 26IBM DB2 Database V9.7Sterling Business Integrator 5.2.4Continue to install pluginsSAP Suite Adapter for JCo 3.x-Connect to SAP systemsOracle Database 11g Release 2 JDBC Drivers-Connecting Oracle3. modifying OS system paramet

Fulfill the business without business continuity-SAP song

The SAP culture is diverse. There are not only serious configurations and implementations, but also easy songs. If you want to hear the sap song, please download it at the following link:Http:// The lyrics are as follows:You're talking about known New we' ve got to meetYou tell a lot about your e-business historyYou

Share SAP Business One and system advantage and disadvantage analysis!

SAP enjoys a brand reputation in China, and many multinationals and large companies use their large enterprise ERP solutions. But for the midsize market (within 1000 people), SAP faces a fierce impact from cloud-based ERP systems like NetSuite. While SAP provides solutions for both large and medium-sized enterprises, the ERP solution provided by NetSuite is speci

SAP NetWeaver business client (nwb)

SAP NetWeaver business client-FAQs What is nwbc? What are the main elements of nwb? What are the benefits of nwbc? What sort of users benefits most from nwbc? What sorts of applications run in the canvas? What versions of nwbc are there? What platforms does nwbc run on? How do you install nwb? What is the relationship between nwbc and sap

Python easy tutorial for SAP with SAP GUI script

(connection) = =Win32com.client.CDispatch: AApplication =None atSapguiauto =None - return - -Session =connection. Children (0) - if notType (session) = =Win32com.client.CDispatch: -Connection =None inApplication =None -Sapguiauto =None to return + - the #Session.findbyid ("wnd[0]"). Resizeworkingpane (0) *Session.findbyid ("WND[0]/TBAR[0]/OKCD"). Text ="mm03" $Session.findbyid ("Wnd[0]"). Sendvkey (0)Panax NotoginsengSession.findbyid ("Wnd[0]/usr/ctxtrmmg1-matnr"). text=

Complete SAP system using WebSphere adapter and WebSphere Business events ...

Perform business event monitoring for SAP systems using the WebSphere Adapter and WebSphere Business events Through the monitoring and analysis of business events, the business decision makers can make business judgments in time,

SAP Business one best-practice System Setup and Sizing

Learn more about performance, the data security, and system availability find out how to decide on processors, RAM, and Hard D ISK space get recommendations from SAP and hardware specialists on system setup and sizing SAP Business one? is a single, affordable, and easy-to-implement solution that integrates the entire business

Tell me about SAP Business One

. While SAP provides solutions for both large and medium-sized enterprises, the ERP solution provided by NetSuite is specifically tailored to the branch offices of midsize enterprises or multinational companies. NetSuite's rapid development is due to the fact that midsize enterprises realize that cloud computing ERP and CRM solutions are more cost-effective than traditional ERP systems that need to install server hardware and software in office rooms.

Best practices for integrating IBM Business Process Management with SAP systems (i)

Part 1th: BPM integration with the SAP system through WebSphere Adapter for SAP Background information BPM (Business process Management, business process Management) is used to model and automate solutions for business processes, provide strong connectivity to the interfac

SAP Business One Best-practice System Setup and Sizing

Learn more about performance, data security, and system availability Find off how to decide on processors, RAM, and Hard D ISK space Get recommendations from SAP and hardware specialists on system setup and sizing SAP Business One? is a single, affordable, and easy-to-implement solution that integrates the entire business

About SAP NetWeaver Business Client (NWBC)

1. NWBC Introduction SAP NetWeaver Business Client (NWBC) is a new generation of SAP user interface that integrates SAPgui transactions and new Web Dynpro applications, similar to desktop applications. SAP NetWeaver Business Customer (NWBC) is a rich user interface tha

How does BPM business process management and SAP better integrate and integrate?

poor; Can not meet the rapid development of a fast; Notes does not enable subsequent integration with SAP. Solve with K2After a period of contact with K2, it is thought that K2 can meet their business needs, because K2 is the leader of the. Net BPM platform, has an open platform framework, and is highly scalable, satisfying the business needs of a good e

ICS (III) of "SAP business model": foreground operation

This blog post begins to explain how the SAP front desk is implementing the ICS business model.First, VA01 open a sales orderI've created an order type for convenience here. Zmiv as an order type for inter-company sales, in fact the intercompany sales order is consistent with the standard sales order. At the same time, the sales organization selected is the order of the Company's sales organization.After ca

SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse Unauthorized Access Vulnerability

SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse Unauthorized Access Vulnerability Release date:Updated on: Affected Systems:SAP NetWeaver Business WarehouseDescription:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Bugtraq id: 68955CVE (CAN) ID: CVE-2014-5174SAP NetWeaver is the integrated technology platform of

What should I do with SAP Business Blueprint?

Reference an article on the Internet to learn how to do the business blueprint. The SAP implementation methodology covers five steps, including project preparation and blueprint.Design, System implementation, final preparation, launch and support. Based on the actual experience of multiple projects, we will first discuss how to do the "Current Situation Investigation and Demand Analysis" in the blueprint de

Streamline business processes with interactive forms based on Adobe software (I)-SAP NetWeaver technology tour documentary

Preface: This articleArticleAccording to SAP NetWeaver technology tour, I developed the second lecture "streamline business processes using interactive forms based on Adobe software-Improve the efficiency of end users" on the afternoon of the Beijing site, I have added my own understanding of this technology. UseAdobeInteractive forms have specific business nee

SAP Business one

Help me solve the problem of SAP B1. The problem is: SAP B1 contains company data, a user in the company, and how to modify the user name... I can already guess what this is about. I have never been familiar with SAP B1 before, so it takes a little time to find and download. ftp2 only has minisap 6.1, which is too old. It is second only to the

SAP Business Suite on Hana

In March January this year, SAP released a Business Suite running on the next-generation Hana platform, an epoch product that surpassed the industry for at least five to ten years. As we all know, SAP's business kit is already a fist product of SAP. Is it very exciting to be fully integrated with Hana?

"SAP Business Model" ICS (II): basic data

maintaining the data of two sales organizations;8, create internal customer 98888, because the order company for the production company is a customer, so the internal customer needs to maintain the corresponding two company data, as well as the corresponding production company sales organization data;9, create internal supplier 98088, because the production company docking single company is a supplier, so the internal supplier needs to maintain the corresponding data of the two companies. Note

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