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SAP: the wave of consolidation swept away from the it open-source competitors to consider _ MySQL

CNET technology news network's head of SAP, an international reporting software company in February 21, predicted that a wave of consolidation and waves are sweeping the information technology (IT) industry. once customers reduce the number of suppliers, many open-source commercial software companies may be put behind the market. SAP sells proprietary enterprise

Tell me about SAP Business One

NetSuite is less expensive than SAP. Many companies ' cases show that the company's change from SAP to NetSuite systems can often save 20-30% costs, equivalent to tens of thousands of dollars.From a functional standpoint, the two solutions appear to be similar on the surface, all of which are "business integration" models that integrate all the key

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the consolidation of global financial statements, and automatically update exchange rates and fiscal policies across different regions of the world.Flexibility of systemThe main feature of business one,netsuite is flexibility. Because business one uses the SQL Server architecture, it is not possible to customize the system to meet the changing

How does BPM business process management and SAP better integrate and integrate?

poor; Can not meet the rapid development of a fast; Notes does not enable subsequent integration with SAP. Solve with K2After a period of contact with K2, it is thought that K2 can meet their business needs, because K2 is the leader of the. Net BPM platform, has an open platform framework, and is highly scalable, satisfying the business needs of a good e

What should I do with SAP Business Blueprint?

or services. From the SAP project perspective, the implementation of OEM Enterprises is more challenging. 2) survey questionnaire and outline preparation: (1) The design of the survey questionnaire should be revised based on industry and industrial characteristics, rather than having only one general questionnaire at a time. Knowing that the problem does not exist in such enterprises, it is still a waste of time and may cause customers to doubt or di

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