Does wordpress support the best markdown plug-ins?

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For example, you 'd better support code highlighting and tables. Currently, MarkdownExtra does not support code highlighting or tables, currently, Markdown Extra is not supported.

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For example, you 'd better support code highlighting and tables. Currently, Markdown Extra is not supported.

A useful WP plug-in named Markdown on Save Improved has been stopped and is incorporated into Jetpack (a well-known official plug-in). If the background supports MarkDown, we recommend you try Markdown on Save.

WordPress table support. If code highlighting is supported, it has little to do with MarkDown.

Other plug-ins can be used for code highlighting, such as the famous wp-syntax


Markdown on Save Improved I used this

I'm usingMydomainmarkdown,Write the markdown document on github, DirectSynchronizationIt is equivalentWordpressProceedHexo.

Markdown is supported on wordpress. The mainstream method is to install the official product.JetpackPlug-in package to enable itsMarkdown Function.
Officially published thingsMost orthodoxIts solution should also be optimal, but I found that it still has twoProblem:

  1. EnableJetpackIn China, the access speed of websites will be greatly slowed down, and I will discard it;

  2. The supported markdown is not the native markdown, but markdown extra

In addition, we will discuss how to use markdown on wordpress. If you just wantFind an editor that supports markdown syntaxFor more information, see.

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