Drinking tea and health care

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Drinking tea and health care

I have always thought that drinking too much green tea is not very comfortable. Drinking black tea is much more comfortable.

Drinking tea is also very good for the body, according to the Constitution, very exquisite.

In the hot summer, drinking a cup of hot tea has a good cooling effect. However, nutrition experts remind people to drink tea

You need to identify the physical constitution and drink it properly. Otherwise, it is easy to hurt.

Chinese medicine experts pointed out that people's physical constitution are different from hot ones and cold ones, while tea goes through different production techniques.

There are also differences between coolness and warmth, so people of different constitution have a particular emphasis on drinking tea in summer. Hot people should drink

Cold tea; cold Constitution, should drink warm tea.

Common tea is divided into green tea, green tea (including Oolong tea, Tieguanyin, Dahongpao), black tea,

White tea, black tea (pu'er tea), yellow tea and other categories. In general, Tieguanyin in green tea and green tea

Low Degree of fermentation, which belongs to herbal tea; Oolong tea and Dahongpao in qingcha belong to neutral tea, while black tea and plain tea

Braised tea is a warm tea.

Medical experts suggest that people who have the habit of smoking and drinking, and who are fat (hot and dry), high temperature days.

Air is easy to get angry, should drink cold tea; cold stomach, or weak constitution (that is, cold Constitution), should drink

Neutral tea or warm tea; the elderly are suitable for drinking black tea and pu'er tea, and drinking some green tea in summer is also beneficial. Kuddin

Tea is more suitable for clearing heat, detoxification, softening of blood vessels, and lowering blood fat than other teas due to its poor cooling.

Those who are physically hot and cold are not suitable for drinking this tea. Sub-health urban patients

Should drink big red robe, black tea, pu'er and other neutral, warm tea, you can add milk in the tea, made into milk tea Effect

Better. If the blood sugar itself is not high, you can also consider adding sugar to the tea. Some people may be absorbed

Poor, drinking milk tea may have diarrhea, then just drink cooked pu'er tea (high degree of fermentation), because cooked pu'er tea hair

After fermentation, many trace elements are produced, which can promote appetite and absorption.

It should be noted that the Constitution of modern urban people cannot be simply divided by hot and cold conditions.

The performance depends on the two types of Constitution: the body is fat and easy to get angry, but the stomach is diarrhea when you eat something cold;

Some human bodies are thin and weak, but have hot spots. This is mainly modern urban people, smoking,

Drinking, staying up late, and other bad habits lead to a variety of physical fitness, but everyone's physical fitness will be shown

The main symptoms are displayed. The main symptoms should be used as the basis for drinking tea.

In addition to paying attention to drinking tea due to different constitution, tea drinkers also need to understand tea characteristics to avoid affecting health


Green tea allergies are prone to vomiting when drinking green tea. This is because there is no fermentation link in the green tea production process.

Tea contains a large amount of chlorophyll, which is highly irritating to the gastrointestinal tract. Therefore, patients with gastric ulcer cannot drink green tea.

Iron Guanyin tea is unavailable on an empty stomach. Tieguanyin tea is a semi-fermented tea. Due to its short fermentation period, it is still cold and has anti-fat consumption.

Strong digestion and tea flavor. If you drink iron Guanyin tea on an empty stomach, you may get drunk.

Oolong tea must be brewed with boiling water at 100 ℃. Oolong tea is not cold or hot, and Xin Liang Gan run, is a neutral tea, suitable

Most people drink. Because the tea leaves are old, they must be brewed with boiling water of 100 ℃.

Pu'er tea is mild and mellow, and has the functions of warming the stomach, lowering blood pressure, and reducing blood fat.

Atherosclerosis is effective in preventing cardiovascular diseases.



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