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Electronic documents and e-books that are stored in PDF format are popular both on the internet and in daily use. PDF format of electronic documents can not only completely save the entire picture of the original document, more security, ease of use and popularity of the vast number of users welcome. There are many such browsing tools in Linux, such as Konqueror, GGV, Adobe Acrobat Reader, and Mozilla, all of which enable browsing of ps/pdf documents, and most of the Chinese support is good and the display works well. Here's how to use the PDF viewing tool to easily browse PDF documents in Linux.

Browsing the PDF document in Konqueror

Friends familiar with KDE are aware of its strong file manager and browser Konqueror, it has a very powerful file management and browsing Web features, especially its user-friendly font scaling function, for the poor eyesight of friends is really very convenient. Not only that, the Konqueror in Red Hat 9.0 can also preview and browse the PDF document directly (essentially the integration of the Konqueror and Ps/pdf Viewer KGhostView), and the Chinese support and the results are very good, It's convenient for friends who are browsing a large number of PDF documents on Linux every day.

1. Preview PDF document

Start Konqueror, if you cannot preview the PDF document, you can select the "View/preview/postscript and PDF file" item in its main menu so that you can preview the PDF document in Konqueror. While this feature helps to quickly find the target PDF document, it can be very handy if you're saving a lot of system resources if you save a large number of PDF documents. So I suggest that unless you have to usually turn it off (in the menu "View/preview/" To remove it), so as not to waste valuable system resources.

2. Browse PDF document

Double-click the PDF document you want to browse in Konqueror, as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1 Browsing the PDF document in Konqueror

When you open a PDF document with Konqueror, the menu and shortcut toolbars Add a few options and buttons if the menu adds a "page mark" entry, a "previous", "Next", "first", "Last", and "Jump to" shortcut buttons appear in the shortcut Bar, They greatly facilitate the browsing of PDF documents.

3. Practical Skills

To view two or more pages at a time, you can use the Konqueror paging feature. This feature is also useful when browsing PDF documents, and can also be accessed with several pages open at the same time. The way to do this is to choose the main Menu window/Horizontal Partition window item to implement, and of course choose the Main Menu window/vertical partition window. If the monitor is large enough and the resolution is high enough, you can split it two times in a split window and split it into a vertical or horizontal window again. This allows you to browse the first page in the first window and the second page in the second window, as shown in Figure 2. But this is generally not recommended.

Figure 21 Two page views

With Konqueror, you can also browse slides, with the greatest advantage being a system tool that integrates file management and document browsing, and is easy to operate, especially for Linux beginners.

Note that the older Konqueror, such as Red Hat 8.0, to implement this feature is to install the Mozilla PDF plugin, which also allows older Konqueror browsers to preview and browse the PDF function. Installation use method Please refer to the installation of the Mozilla PDF plugin, here is not to repeat.

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