[Easy] Girlfriend's Health Care Function

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Add operation: When a otaku has a very bad problem, he is always sitting at home. When the weather is worse than a day, his physical server gets worse and worse, with a girlfriend, you will be able to drive the road and increase outdoor activities, which can help you to check your health! Prevent skin cracking on lips: There are a lot of people with insurance creden that can still protect their lips! Of course! Especially in winter, girls love to put a lip balm or something. Men don't stick to Small moles, and their lips are often broken. Just like, a girlfriend put a lip balm and kissed each other, the use of one person is now available. Record filling: How can I combine this person's work? I have eaten some steamed bread noodles, and I want to try it out after a bit of improvement. If I have a girlfriend, I cannot try it out, never let her chew bread with you! What to eat outside is better than eating instant noodles at home! Quit quit: This is just an example. When I am alone, I love to relax. I have nothing to do with drinking, drinking, and smoking! If you have a girlfriend, it's different. If you have a drink, she will get nagging on the TV. If you get too much nagging, you will get bored. If you get a cup of wine, the amount of alcohol will not be small, of course there are good points for the body! Stable schedule : If you have a girlfriend, it will take less time to play computer and watch TV. When they get out for a day and go home, they will definitely have no energy to drum up other things. They will go to bed with their heads covered with pillows, when you go to bed early, you must get up early and get up late ~ Prevent myopia: I don't know how to make a girlfriend to play with my computer. If someone else makes an appointment and goes to the Internet, this guy will basically be helpless ~ No matter what the publisher does, it's not easy to watch the TV around all day! Prevent excessive energy consumption: The ml of male and female friends is much more tired than the ml of one person. I won't talk about anything else ~Happy mood: You don't have to go to bed all night because you don't have a girlfriend. You also need to stay up all day for love, naturally, you will forget to do something else ~ Add a notebook: The natural rule reminds us that, if we do not take the initiative to remember things, our child will become a zombie and will gradually become a whitelist, if you have a girlfriend, you will often remember the appointment, and birthday gifts will not be sent frequently, in the past, the relationship between the two people may also become irrelevant. Therefore, it is difficult to back up natural rules ~ Dental protection: There are so many sugar-free chewing gum. It is helpful to eat more than once, I now know that the biggest consumer group of chewing gum is actually a lover in the dark. If you don't want your girlfriend to pick up your garlic! Increase confidence: After the end of love, my wife praises you for being more competent and confident in men. There is nothing more exciting than this.

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