Eclipse 3.0.1 plug-in solution (Java, C)

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Eclipse 3.0.1 plug-in solution (Java, C)

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Eclipse 3.0It has been released for several months, but I have been using it all the time.2.1.4Is the stable life of various plug-ins. RecentlyEclipse 3.0.1On the platform, I think the plug-in features are more abundant and powerful, and the installation is easier,EclipseIt reflects its inherent strong vitality. Let's talk about the mainstream plug-ins and basic configurations I use.


First, the Chinese language. as a development tool, there is nothing bad about the English interface, but we can use the Chinese language. Eclipse A large number of help documents can greatly improve reading speed, but there are many good things in it. First download the multi-country Language Pack This Language Pack only supports Eclipse 3.0.1 Eclipse 3.0 Invalid. Do not rush to upgrade Eclipse This is a long history of experience.


Decompress the packageEclipseDirectory, and then useEclipseBuilt-in "installation"/Update menu to upgrade. This is a very important function and it is much easier to install the plug-in. The procedure is as follows:


Open menu:


Sorry, I have already passed the Chinese version. let's compare it.

Select "search for new feature components to be installed" and the following interface appears:


You will see much less things than the above picture, because I have added many plug-ins, but you do not. Click " Create a local site "and find the Language Pack location. If the location is incorrect, a prompt is displayed. If there is no error, the Language Pack will appear in the list, select it, all the way Next In the end, you will be asked to restart Eclipse . After the startup, you may find that the localization effect is poor, and some menus are still in English. The solution is to create a new point Eclipse StartProgramTo add Clean Parameters:


Start it once with this shortcut and re-read all configurations. The speed will be slower. You can remove this parameter later. Finished in Chinese.


You can also install the plug-in remotely through the network by creating a remote site and entering the plug-in name and address. Other methods are the same as above. The plug-ins I have installed include:


Spring plugin:Http://

SpringBut it's a very good framework.


C # plugin:Http://

You canEclipseDevelopment in progressC #Program



Provides a variety of code folding styles


Hibernate plugin:Http://

The database configuration file can be generated visually, or even automatically based on the database table.HBMIng file, great


UML 2 plugin: This can only be downloaded and installed,Http://


Then there is Eclipse Built-in Update site, which has Visual editor , You can Eclipse Developed in a visualized manner Swing/AWT Program, and C # plugin In the update address Struts Editor , WSDL Viewer , Axis plugin , Resin plugin And so on.


There is still a very important plug-in: Lomboz This is very simple. Download it, unpackage it, and Plugin To Eclipse Of Plugin . If the installation is ineffective, add Clean Once the parameter is started OK .


With this bunch of plug-ins, the current Eclipse Strong enough, and the popular development frameworks are ready to cope.

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