Eclipse builds a ruby development environment and installs plugins Rdt,dltk,gems

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Because the Metasploit module is written in Ruby, can not understand, in the spirit of eager to study.

As a result of his own Java background, used to eclipse, in contact with Ruby need to get started quickly, chose the Java development environment to build ruby.

In fact, Metasploit more reasonable is to build the VIM environment under Linux, because they have done a C development, know how to build configuration and use the cycle longer, so put in the already mastered Ruby development and then do.

But it was not easy in the eclipse and myeclipse environment, and it took 3 hours to succeed. The process is as follows.

1, is sealed and cannot be directly obtained directly with MyEclipse

2, jumps over downloaded the Ruby development tools (RDT) plugin. But how is it not successful in the plug-in installation mode?
Used a bit of a method
Mode one: Open the command line, go to the current Eclipse directory, enter Eclipse-clean, restart Eclipse, and Eclipse will add a new plugin.
Mode two: If the plug-in does not work, then remove the Eclipse\configuration\org.eclipse.update directory before starting eclipse

3,eclipse Download Dynamic Languages Toolkit (DLTK) plug-in to do the above installation is also unsuccessful. (DLTK is the development environment of Python,ruby,php.perl)

Using the link file and extracting it directly to the Features/plugins file is unsuccessful. Eclipse is just like myeclipse. I'm so dumbfounded. No reason has been found


Desperate to test the eclipse Marketplace finally laughed:

Open eclipse--> help--> Eclipse marketplace-->search (Ruby)

Query to "Ruby (DLTK) 5.0 Kepler" Click Install

The Ruby development environment has been successfully restarted by restarting Eclipse.

The eclipse version that you use is Version:mars release (4.5.0) 2015-06-21


Next, set up the Ruby runtime environment

eclipse--> window--> preferences--> ruby--> interpreters--> developed to Ruby.exe file

The premise is that the Ruby Runtime is already installed (Railsinstaller of the Windows environment).


Create Ruby Project successfully


Gems required when running Ruby program debug

In fact, when installing Ruby, Gems has been installed. In the installation directory/ruby2.0/bin/gems.bat

You need to introduce the eclipse. method to set the gems path in eclipse--> window--> preferences--> ruby-->debug. There are 3 of them, just pick one.

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Eclipse builds a ruby development environment and installs plugins Rdt,dltk,gems

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