Eclipse development of Kettle Series One

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1. Introduction

Recently, the company started an ETL project, the bottom layer combined with open source kettle for development. So learning kettle Imperative, the use of kettle here do not have to introduce, online has a lot of information. For example: Kettle Chinese community, where we mainly introduce the development of code.

2. Development environment

cite someone else's blog:

Note: Go to the official website to download the tool version of the kettle to be consistent with the source version.

3. Exception Resolution:

(1). After the installation of the environment, the project has a red fork, no attention and then select Run----Java application, select the main class spoon running.

As a result, the following exception occurred:

Org.w3c.dom.Node newspaper The Method Gettextcontent () is undefined, Internet query This node class there is clearly gettextcontent () methods, that is what reason?

There should be a conflict between jar and JDK jar package in kettle, Workaround: Right-click---properties----Java build path---order and export--select JRE---Top (priority issue)

Successfully resolved, run Kettle Test no problem.

Eclipse development of Kettle Series One

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