Eclipse does not automatically eject hints

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  Recently, the company's computer eclipse does not have automatic prompt feature, not all do not prompt, most of the time the "alt+/" key will also produce hints, but when I possessed the main method and SYSO in the Java project, "alt+/" will be invalidated, today on the Internet search results, There are several main methods:
1. The secondary method is used without a hint: Open the Windows--preferences--java--editor--content assist above eclipse in turn, and in the upper right there is a line "select the proposal Kinds contained in the ' Default ' content assist list, tick the Java prolosals check box to save the exit.

2, this method is used to play the word abbreviation without prompting the situation (for example: Play SYSO no hint): Turn on eclipse above the Windows--preferences--java--editor--content assist, Find "Auto activation triggers for Java" in the lower right section, followed by a text box, enter the letter ABCD in the following text box, then click Applay-->ok Save to exit, select Export file-- General--export Select Preferences and then select the Export all check box (not required below) and specify the name and path of the exported file (note that you can only export. epf format files). Then, under the path you specify, locate the file EPF file that you just exported, (you can use Notepad) to open it, find the ABCD (or ABC) you just entered, and then add the remaining 22 letters later, save it, and then import the file into eclipse with Eclipse's import function. You can implement the Word association prompt function.

but my eclipse is still the same, so keep trying other ways:

3. Open the Windows--preferences--general--keys above eclipse in turn, there is a search box under scheme, enter "Content asist" in the search box (My eclipse in this search box can not be entered, the following button preempted the focus, so I chose to copy and paste, pay attention to the case when searching), select "Content asist" This item, the binding item is changed to "alt+/" (Press the "/" key to change), Select the When item as editing text;

4. Open Windows--preferences--java--editor--content assist--advanced, select the template proposals of the lower right check box.

I have implemented the fourth method before the eclipse is back to normal, of course, we may be caused by other reasons, welcome to reply, thank you.

Eclipse does not automatically eject hints

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