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This semester to learn the language of PHP, because the previous has been self-learning Java, used to eclipse and myeclipse of the two integrated development environment, so I was going to find out if you can write PHP code in Eclipse, surfing the internet to know that the original is already available, with Eclipse for PHP on it, just configure the line, the following start!!

1, Eclipse for PHP download address:

Click here to show the following image:

My computer is to download the check that, according to their own computer configuration to choose the appropriate version

After downloading this decompression to own java_home (must, here no longer explain about java_home knowledge), after decompression, opens the Eclipse.exe, will ask you workplace the catalogue, Here's how to change it to your PHP directory under the WWW (I'm here to create a new Eclipse-php-helios-sr1-win32 directory where all the files are here), then you can build the project, and then build the PHP file,

Configure:window->preferences->php->phpservers-> after setting up the file-> edit-> <喎?http:"" kf="" ware="" vc="" "="" target="_blank" class="keylink"> vcd4kpha+pgltzybzcmm9 "alt=" >

Click OK

Then configure this project, right click on the project-"Run as->configuration-> add the directory you created, OK."

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