Eclipse in [-> server] Maven build

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MAVEN is a software project management tool that is based on a Project object model (POM) that can manage the construction, reporting, and documentation of a project through a short description of the information. In addition to its program building capabilities, Maven offers advanced project management tools. Because MAVEN's default build rules are highly reusable, it is common to build scripts with two or three lines of Maven to build simple projects. Thanks to MAVEN's project-oriented approach, many Apache Jakarta projects use Maven, and the percentage of company projects that are MAVEN-based continues to grow. The word maven comes from Yiddish, meaning the accumulation of knowledge, which was first used in the Jakata turbine project to try to simplify the construction process. There were many projects at the time, their ant build files were only slightly different, and the jar files were maintained by CVS. So the Maven founders started MAVEN, a clear definition of the project, including a convenient way to publish project information, and a way to share jars across multiple projects. Shared disk Address: HTTP:// personal configuration recommended independent space storage

War packages built from the and deployed to the production environment

M2repository maven Warehouse All MAVEN projects, the resulting jar packages have been downloaded. You can map directly to a local disk (for example, to Z:
How to configure:

1 <?XML version= "1.0" encoding= "UTF-8" standalone= "no"?>2 <Settingsxmlns= ""Xmlns:xsi= " 4 instance "xsi:schemalocation= " ">6 7     <localrepository>Z:/m2repository</localrepository> 8 9 </Settings>

Eclipse in [-> server] Maven build

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