Eclipse Java EE build record

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Old Beg, a lot of things do not remember, or even remember the future is afraid to remember.

Eclipse Java EE for Web version:mars.2 Release (4.5.2)

Tomcat 7.0.29

New Server server

Open the Server Admin panel and drag to the left.

Window-show view-servers

Servers panel blank right-click


Pick 7.0 and take a cool name.

The direct finish finishes can be seen in the servers panel.

Double-click MyServer to open the configuration for this service

The main next server locations configuration here, I believe many novice for these three ghosts is

A blind face, most will be the ghost of animal settings, and then various errors ....

First, use the custom location if you choose this and configure it like this

You'll find that. Your WebApps directory has a transfeserver directory and the same Conf directory as the Tomacat root directory.

If you set this up. So when your tomcat is running, read here is Server.xml and Web. Xml.

The settings for the Conf directory under the Tomcat root directory are not working.

(Transfeserver is my own name)

So you have to choose a second use Tomcat installation

and put the project under the WebApps.

So the deploy path is set Webapps\transferserver

Check out the WebApps directory under your tomcat.

Eclipse Java EE build record

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