Eclipse-java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: permgen space.

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This period of time,EclipseIt's always dead. It's almost a little faster and it will die. It takes several minutes to make people very depressed. A lot of time is wasted. I searched the internet and found many friends with similar situations. I asked for help on the Internet. However, all the methods on the Internet are to modifyEclipse. iniFile to increaseEclipseMemory.


I tried it and found it was useless. Today, I die again, but a common error is reported. The general idea is:Permgen SpaceMemory overflow. I can't bear it. I searched the internet and found that the Internet is really a good thing. Especially for our own scholars, it is undoubtedly a mentor and friend who gives advice.


I would like to sum up my experience and the experience of netizens here, hoping to provide some reference value to friends suffering from this problem.


The solution is as follows:


InEclipse. iniAdd the following two lines to the configuration file:

-XX: permsize = 128 m

-XX: maxpermsize = 128 m


Add upstream2After all, myEclipse. iniThe file is as follows:



Org. Eclipse. Platform

-- Launcher. xxmaxpermsize

512 m




-XX: permsize = 128 m

-XX: maxpermsize = 128 m


The memory size here depends on your physical memory.


View data from the InternetPermsizeIt must be better to be bigger, and it is best to setPermsizeAndMaxpermsizeBig. The reasons are as follows:

PermsizeAndMaxpermsizeIf it is set to the same, the performance can be improved to some extent, because,PermsizeIn the ever-changing situation, data needs to be transferred. If it is fixed, it can reduce each ExpansionPermsizePerformance Loss.



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