Eclipse Maven Engineering Missing Artifact Com.sun:tools:jar:1.5.0:system workaround

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Today colleagues are using eclipse to introduce a new MAVEN engineering times error:

Missing Artifact Com.sun:tools:jar:1.6.0:system

The problem is strange, the same code, when running into my local eclipse, did not find the problem, it should be the environment configuration problem. (JDK?) Maven,eclipse? )

From the Internet to find a lot of information, found that most of us only gave the solution, did not give the cause of this problem.

Read from MAVEN's official web:

There is no clear cause of the problem, only the solution is given after this problem has occurred:

<Profiles>    < Profile>      <ID>Default-tools.jar</ID>      <activation>        < Property>          <name>Java.vendor</name>          <value>Sun Microsystems INC.</value>        </ Property>      </activation>      <Dependencies>        <Dependency>          <groupId>Com.sun</groupId>          <Artifactid>Tools</Artifactid>          <version>1.4.2</version>          <Scope>System</Scope>          <Systempath>${java.home}/. /lib/tools.jar</Systempath>        </Dependency>      </Dependencies>    </ Profile>  </Profiles>

Experimenting in a colleague's environment does solve the problem, but it's unclear what is causing the problem.

Personal suspicion:

1.JDK problem, the colleague machine has JDK8,JDK7, the default javahome is JDK8.

2.maven Path: Colleagues put local repository on the E: disk, not using the default C:\Users\Administrator\.m2\repository

But there is no verification, want to know a friend can leave a message to tell.

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