Eclipse (myeclipse) Usage Tips--Change the size of the gaze font

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After Eclipse is installed, the font size of the gaze is much smaller than the size of the code, according to the information on the web search

Form--preferences--general--appearance--colors and fonts--basic--text font--Edit

Window-->preferences---appearance---Colors and Fonts-->basic--Text Font---Edit --size

, after the change, the code and the gaze font is generally larger, but the gaze of the font is still less than the code, which I want to or too much worse, I want to be set up, staring at the font size is larger than the font size of the code.

so on-line check how to change, set, adjust the size of the gaze font, so that the size of the gaze can be larger than the font size of the code, too many people on the web said that the gaze font and code fonts are set together can not be set separately. But we looked at the DRP Video of the gaze font is significantly larger than the code font, so in the online search, and finally found the answer.

we start with a set distance from the final success is only a step away, or just the basic settings plus the last step,window--> Preferences----and appearance--Colors a nd fonts--> Basic--Text font--and Edit-to-font, change the font to "Courier New" to achieve the effect we want, so that the gaze font is larger than the code font 。

here another point, that is, some version number in the font may not find the "couriernew", we can click the Font selection box in the lower left corner of the "show many other fonts" link to open the Control Panel to set the font, find "couriernew", right-click "Display" You can activate the font)--click button "OK"--click button "OK", complete.

about the MyEclipse with the Eclipse The basic settings are all the same.

Below we look at the effect before and after the change

Before you change:

After the change:

It looks much more comfortable.


For the internet said, can not believe, can not be all-faith. There is nothing to be done, just unexpected! Just want you to think, to find, to do, everything is possible.

Eclipse (myeclipse) Usage Tips--Change the size of the gaze font

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