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Eclipse RCP (Rich-Client Platform) provides a platform for Java Desktop Program development where users can quickly develop a very scalable desktop program, and the eclipse we use is actually an eclipse RCP is the platform for a development tool that integrates plug-ins of various functions, and the core components of Eclipse RCP are as follows:

OSGI, a dynamic modular system of the Java language, that defines an infrastructure for the development of modular applications. Simply put, Equinox is an implementation of the OSGi specification, which provides the necessary APIs and frameworks for Eclipse modularity, by using OSGi to install, upgrade, or uninstall device components in the background without disrupting the device's normal operation. SWT is the standard UI library for Eclipse, JFace is based on SWT, providing a more user-friendly API for Eclipse, Workbench is the framework of the program, providing a display container for all other UI components. The Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF), a set of modeling frameworks provided by eclipse, can use EMF to build its own UML model, design the XML format of the model, or write Java code for the model.
After you've learned the main core components of ECLIPSERCP, start our first RCP program.
1. Before the development, first need to download the IDE, open the official website, there are many versions of the Eclipse for different software development, now we are ready to develop rcp, so download eclipse for RCP And RAP developers, currently the latest version is 4.5.0, requires JDK version higher than 1.7

2. Open software, File > New > Plug-in Project

3. Fill out the project name, although it can be any string, but in order to avoid conflicts, it is recommended to be similar to Java package naming, according to the scope of domain name from large to small list, just and the Internet domain naming rules in the opposite, and then next>

4. version software, vendor software provider, you can write, tick: Would you want to create a rich client application, because we are here to create a separate client program, and then NEXT&G T

5. Select Engineering Template: Eclipse 4 RCP application, Next>

6. Check, "Create sample Content (part, menu, command ...)", Finish

6. Project created well, you can run a look at the effect, double-click top.itart.rcp.helloworld.product > Launch an Eclipse application

7. The effect is as follows:

8. Export into EXE program, project right key > Export.

9. Choose Eclipse Product, Next >

10. Fill out the project export path: Directory, Finish.

11. The exported file structure is similar to eclipse, double-click Eclipse.exe to run.

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