Eclipse Release and overview

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First, how to view the version number of Eclipse
(1), enter the installation directory of Eclipse.
(2), enter the Readme folder, open readme_eclipse.html.
(3), readme_eclipse.html the second line is the digital version number, such as:

Eclipse Project Release NotesRelease 4.3.0Last revised 29th,
Ii. Introduction to each version of Eclipse

iii. Development History of Eclipse

November 7, 2001, Release of Eclipse 1.0. Six months later, June 27, 2002, Eclipse entered the 2.0 era. Eclipse of the 2.0 era experienced 2.0 and 2.1 two large versions. Of these, 2.0 were followed by the introduction of 2.0.1 and 2.0.2, followed by the release of the 2.1 version on March 27, 2003, with the introduction of 2.1.1,2.1.2 and 2.1.33 subsequent revisions.

June 25, 2004 is a memorable day for Eclipse, with the OSGi runtime architecture being introduced into Eclipse 3.0. The Eclipse Foundation was established this year, which also marks the beginning of Eclipse's coming into a new era. After 3.0 there are two small revisions of 3.0.1 and 3.0.2. For detailed release time information, please refer to Eclipse official website

June 27, 2005  eclipse 3.1 released, the reason to specifically mention 3.1, because from this version has been to the release of the 3.5 version, formed a A series related to Jupiter's satellite name. In 1610, the famous science   Galileo Galilei, through his observation of the Europa 1-Ganymede 4, presented evidence against Geocentric, and Ganymede 1-Ganymede 4 was also called the Galileo Four moons (and many other satellites later discovered by Jupiter). The four   satellites were also given the names of four mythical characters:    
Europa 1:io, io    
Ganymede 2:europa, Europa    
Span style= "line-height:1.5" > Europa 3:ganymede, Genimide. (It is worth mentioning that earlier than Galileo 2000 years ago, there is a record that the Warring States period of China's Gander in 346 BC has found the Europa 3)    
Europa 4:callisto, Calisto    
A very important reason to take the names of these four people is that the four characters are famous for their beauty.

But Eclipse's naming from 3.1 to 3.4 (codename) is not in the order of Europa 1-4, but on the order of the four satellites from Jupiter from near to far, so Eclipse 3.1 is named after the 1th nearest 1--io in Jupiter's known satellite, eclipse 3.2 The use of the 4--callisto from Jupiter (all the Europa) 4th near, Eclipse 3.3 using the Europa 2--europa (6th near), the remaining 3--ganaymede of the most distant wood is sent to Eclipse 3.4.

Iv. Current known versions and codes

Eclipse 3.1 Version Code IO "Europa 1, Yi ao"

Eclipse 3.2, 30-06-2006, Callisto projects, version code Callisto "Europa Four, Calisto"

Eclipse 3.3, 29-06-2007, Europa projects, version code Eruopa "Europa II, Europa"

Eclipse 3.4, 25-06-2008, Ganymede projects, version code Ganymede "Ganymede, Genimide"

Eclipse 3.5, 24-06-2009, Galileo projects, version code Galileo "Galileo"

Eclipse 3.6, 23-06-2010, Helios projects, version code Helios "Sun god"

Eclipse 3.7, 22-06-2011, Indigo Projects, version code Indigo "Indigo" [in the planning stage]

Eclipse 4.2, 27-06-2012,juno projects, version code Juno " Juneau "(the wife of the Lord God Jupiter)

Eclipse 4.3 (planned), June 2013, version code Kepler "Kepler "

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Eclipse Release and overview

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