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If you want to enable plug-in development applications to have better internationalization support, to maximize the support of Chinese output, it is best to make Java files using UTF-8 encoding. However, the default character encoding for the Eclipse workspace (workspace) is the operating system default encoding, and the default encoding for the Simplified Chinese operating system (Windows XP, Windows 2000 Simplified Chinese) is GB18030, The engineering code established in this workspace is GB18030, and the Java file created in the project is GB18030. If you want to make the new project, Java files directly to the UTF-8 you need to do the following:
1, Windows->preferences ... Open the Preferences dialog box, the left navigation tree, navigate to General->workspace, right text file encoding, select Other, change to UTF-8, and later create a new project. text file in its Properties dialog box Encoding is the UTF-8.
, windows->preferences ... Open the Preferences dialog box, left navigation tree, navigate to general->content Types, right context Types tree, point Open Text, select Java Source File, and in the following default Encoding enter UTF-8 in the input box, click Update, then set the Java file encoding to UTF-8. Other Java application development related files such as properties, XML, etc. have been specified by the Eclipse default, respectively, Iso8859-1,utf-8, such as in the development of the need to change the encoding format can be specified here.
3, after the above two steps, the new Java file is UTF-8 encoding, Eclipse compile, run, Debug is no problem, but do RCP application of the product output, or plug-in output, it is always error, or can not compile the pass (the output to be compile), Or the output of the plug-in run when the Chinese display garbled. At this point need to RCP application, or plug-in plugin engineering Add a line, javacdefaultencoding ... = UTF-8. UTF-8 encoding when the output is compiled to know the Java source file. This setting requires that all Java source files be UTF-8 encoded and, if not all, referenced in Eclipse Help (Plug-in Development environment Guide > Reference > Feature and Plug-in build configuration), it is recommended that all Java source files be UTF-8 encoded.

If plug-in development, RCP application development originally based on other coding, such as GB18030, want to convert to UTF-8, then first, do the above; then convert the original encoding to UTF-8 encoding by looking up the encoding conversion tool, such as the ICONV based bulk conversion tool, and note that only Java source files are converted. Other types of files may already be a more appropriate encoding, the original project properties of the Text file encoding, from the original code to UTF-8 can be changed.

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