Eclipse's most useful shortcut keys

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Eclipse's most useful shortcut keys

Ctrl+shift+r: Open Resource

This is probably the most time-saving combination of all shortcut keys. This set of shortcuts lets you open any file in your workspace, and you only need to press the first few letters of the file name or mask name, such as Applic*.xml. The drawback is that this set of shortcuts is not available in all views.

Ctrl+o: Fast Outline

If you want to see the methods of the current class or a particular method, but do not want to pull the code down, and do not want to use the search function, then use Ctrl+o bar. It can list all the methods and properties in the current class, you just enter the method name you want to query, and click Enter to jump directly to where you want to go.

Ctrl+e: Quick Convert Editor

This set of shortcut keys will help you navigate between the open editors. Use ctrl+page down or ctrl+page up to browse the tabs before and after, but ctrl+e is more efficient when many files are open.

Alt+shift+r: Renaming

Renaming properties and methods was a hassle a few years ago, requiring a lot of searching and replacing so that the code became fragmented. Today's Java IDE provides source-processing functionality, as is eclipse. Now, the renaming of variables and methods is very simple, and you'll get used to renaming each time a better alternative name appears. to use this feature, move the mouse over the property name or method name, press Alt+shift+r, enter a new name, and then click Enter. this is done. If you rename a property in the class, you can click Alt+shift+r two times, this will call out the Source Processing dialog box, you can implement the get and set method of automatic renaming.

Ctrl+1: Quick Change

Quick Fix Error ...

Eclipse Customizing or modifying shortcut keys

Window Menu->preferences submenu->general->keys You can modify shortcut keys


Eclipse's most useful shortcut keys

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