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Computer enthusiasts friends in the process of using the computer, will inevitably encounter a lot of sudden failure, the cause of these failures may be the cause of the software, may also be caused by hardware failure, or other factors ... So how do our junior computer users respond to these events, and don't panic, see below:

Suffer a power outage

Phenomenon Analysis: This is a sudden "power failure" caused. The voltage fluctuations generated by the power outage will impact the computer hardware chips, circuits, resistors and so on. And when you are doing disk read and write when a power outage occurs, you may have a bad way, or when you are writing a document, the data will be lost ...

Should be the strategy: when the computer with the optional brand power supply, so that the maximum from the power supply to reduce the voltage fluctuation on the hardware caused by the bad effect. After a power outage, turn off all power supplies in case the monitor and partial ATX power supply start up at the next incoming call, which can cause bad damage to the hardware. When you use Word to edit a document, use the automatic save feature on word. If the moment of power outage happens when you are working on the disk, it is recommended that you do not skip disk detection at startup and detect any bad results. Once you find a bad way, use norton,pqmagic tools such as software to repair or shield the bad way. In addition, if you are financially licensed, it is recommended that you choose a UPS to provide a period of blackout protection for your computer.

Automatic shutdown

Phenomenon: The computer in the normal course of operation, suddenly automatically shut down the system or restart the system.

Phenomenon Analysis: Today's motherboard on the CPU temperature monitoring function, once the CPU temperature is too high, more than the motherboard BIOS set the temperature, the motherboard will automatically cut off the power to protect the related hardware. On the other hand, power management and virus software in the system can also cause this phenomenon to occur.

Should be the strategy: the above sudden shutdown phenomenon, if it has occurred, first of all, to determine whether the CPU cooling normal. Boot box Visual fan blades are working properly, and then enter the BIOS option to see the fan speed and CPU operating temperature. The fan is found to be the problem, the fan is related to dust removal maintenance or replacement of better quality fans. If you exclude the cause of the hardware, enter the system, from the "Kiss to Die" installation of the CD-ROM to cover the installation of power management, and then completely kill the virus. When these factors are excluded, the cause of the failure may be the power of aging or damage, this can be replaced by the power supply method to confirm that the power is broken off to change a new, must not continue to use, will burn the hardware

System as a machine

Phenomenon: The desktop is locked, the mouse can not move, serious even when the hot start (Alt+ctrl+del) are not. And there is the blue screen phenomenon.

Phenomenon analysis: "Kiss to Death" system itself bugs and the compatibility between the software is the cause of the failure, it may be the user at the same time too many large programs run, resulting in process blocking, triggering when the machine.

Coping strategy: When the machine is divided into 2 kinds, true and false when, the most simple way to distinguish between the two is to press the keypad area of the NumLock key, to see if the light has no change. If there is, it is false; If you can press Alt+ctrl+del at the same time select the program name in the list that appears, and then mark the item that does not respond, click End Task. Really when, only cold start up. For blue screen, when the ESC key is pressed, select reboot and press the reset button on the chassis panel. For compatibility issues, you can remove the issue software and update the motherboard BIOS and related motherboard drivers.

Virus attack

Phenomenon: System running slowly, when the machine, illegal operation, hard drive lights flashing, often blue screen, as well as inexplicable wonderful system tips ...

Phenomenon Analysis: The virus is essentially a malicious computer program code, the virus through a large number of its own replication, while in the system secretly run, occupy the system resources, serious will also cause damage to software and hardware, such as CIH, hard drive locks.

Coping strategy: While, magic Low one Zhang, the bane of the virus is anti-virus software. Once you suspect that your machine infected with the virus, please reboot the system to DOS, run the genuine anti-virus software (DOS version) so that you can kill the "kiss to Death" under the virus, and then boot to the system desktop, running antivirus software version of Windows to antivirus. On the other hand, it destroys some files because of the severity of the virus attack, and we back up the important files to the other drives outside the C disk before the virus attack, and set the properties of the data file to read-only. At the same time, we should always update anti-virus software virus library, less use pirated discs, has been on the internet Friends of unknown mail attachments do not download.

System failure

Phenomenon: Can not enter the system, the typical performance of the post through, at the start of the screen stop, or show: Thediskiserror and so on have e-wen prompts many phenomena.

Phenomenon Analysis: This is a system failure, can be caused by a number of reasons, the more common is the system files are modified, damaged, or loaded the abnormal command line. In addition, the failure of the hard drive is also one of the reasons.

Coping strategy: First of all to try to enter Safe mode, power-on press F8 key, select the launch menu of the third item: Safemodel (Safe mode). After entering safe mode, the Device Manager and the System File Checker can be used to find the fault and encounter the "!" The number can be ascertained to determine whether the Del or setting is interrupted. You can also reload the driver, and the system file may be damaged from the installation file (it is recommended that you copy the Windows installation disk to the hard drive beforehand). If you can not enter the Safe mode, you can boot to the CD or floppy disk to start to DOS, the first anti-virus in DOS and with DIR check C disk System file is complete, if necessary, through the system floppy disk for SYSC:, restore the relevant basic system files. If no files are found in C disk, only the system is completely reload.

Drive lost

Phenomenon: When the 16-color display, put audio files show "XXX" equipment is being occupied.

Phenomenon Analysis: After the reasons for the virus, this phenomenon occurs in the use of N-month old machine, or the user has recently moved parts in the host, (such as video card and PCI card), it may cause the poor contact of the hardware, resulting in the system does not thoroughly detect the relevant hardware.

Coping Strategies: Reinstall the driver of the video card, and check the relevant accessories and the motherboard is fully contacted: one is to ensure that the card, the sound card gold finger clean, the second is to insert the relevant slot when the force appropriate, alignment vertical insertion can, and then connected with the speaker and monitor connection. If necessary, you can replace the slot location of the PCI card to avoid resource conflicts with the video card.

Boot black screen

Phenomenon: Boot black screen, no display, there may be alarm sound.

Phenomenon Analysis: Poor contact between hardware, or hardware failure, related hardware involved in memory, graphics, CPU, motherboard, power and so on. Computer boot to the first through the power supply, and then by the motherboard BIOS boot self-test, and then through the CPU, memory, graphics and so on. This process is reflected on the screen called Self-Test, first through the graphics card BIOS information, and then the motherboard information, then memory, hard disk, optical drive and so on. If the middle of this problem, the computer can not start normal, or even black screen.

Coping strategies: First, make sure that the external and internal wiring is connected smoothly. External wiring has a monitor, host power and so on. There is an internal connection between the host power supply and the host power supply interface (sometimes bad contact here). The most common reason is: graphics card, memory due to the use of too long, and the dust in the air long-term contact, resulting in gold fingers on the oxide layer, resulting in poor contact. In this respect, use cotton to stick a moderate amount of alcohol back and forth to wipe the gold fingers, and then plug back. In addition, to observe whether the CPU is working properly, the boot about half a minute, hand-touch the CPU fan heatsink whether there is temperature. If there is a temperature, the possibility of the CPU is broken can be basically excluded. Do not have the temperature to clean up the CPU socket, to ensure contact in place. After that there is no temperature, your CPU can be upgraded: (in addition to the above method, there is a trick to kill skill: Use the method of unplugging the jumper to clear the BIOS setup or replace the motherboard of the CMOS battery. When all these methods have been tried and failed, we can summon prawns to help out.

Strange smell

Phenomenon: Hear the strange sound or smell the odor.

Phenomenon Analysis: Strange sound, may be due to the hard drive of the bad road caused by the hard drive (the shrill sound), but also may be hard drive, the optical drive screws did not go to jail, causing the chassis resonance. Smell, many for the smell of burnt, very prickly nose of the kind.

Coping strategy: Turn off the power first. If the strange sound, then open the chassis panel, check, if the bad way, repair or shielding. For peculiar smell, be careful. Then use your nose to smell, find out the smell of the parts, and then unloaded to the computer company to deal with, in the midst of this, we must defend their own consumer rights. (No warranty period-the change of the change, the repair of the repair.) This must not be careless! Because, the author's Anda drive is to smell the burnt paste after the power outage (slow n seconds) to burn out the driver chip (Firewall), and then take money to find JS uncle also have no way. (So everyone if smell, immediately cut off the power, and then the boot box to find the reason, but the display must not open, only to professional personnel maintenance, it is high-voltage, do not take their lives to joke.

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