Enterprise Office Automation is inseparable from network O & M and Management

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In terms of concept, office automation fully uses computer and network technologies to process office services, and achieves information sharing, communication, and collaborative work, that is, all-round paperless office work. Computer Networks are physical platforms for office automation. Here, we divide network maintenance into line maintenance, terminal maintenance, and network management based on the characteristics of the actual network maintenance work.
Line Network Maintenance: Starting from acceptance
As a network Keel, the cabling system is a physical platform for the entire office automation system. Its quality is directly related to the performance of the future network and thus affects the normal operation of the entire OA system. By calculating the proportion of faults encountered during network maintenance, wiring problems accounted for 60-70%. From the actual situation, the problem of a network cabling system mainly occurs in two stages: the construction phase and the use phase. In general, after the completion of the Integrated Wiring subject, there is little possibility of change in future use, so it is particularly important for the project acceptance.
The acceptance test of Integrated Wiring is a very systematic task. Based on the test phase, it can be divided into pre-Work testing, on-demand testing, concealed engineering visa and completion testing. The inspection covers the construction environment, material quality, equipment installation technology, cable layout, cable final connection, and electrical performance testing.
Generally, the test methods of the on-site cabling system are divided into two types: verification test and Authentication Test. Verification testing usually refers to determining whether the physical characteristics of a link are correct through simple testing methods. Because such tests only use simple test equipment to confirm the physical performance of the link, such as the connection breaking, length, and wiring diagram, and do not analyze the complex electrical characteristics, therefore, this type of test is only applicable to on-demand testing. Authentication testing is much more complex than verification testing. The certification test should be based on public testing standards (such as TIA TSB67 and ISO11801) to strictly test the physical and Electrical Properties of the cabling system. Such a test has a very high requirement on the accuracy of the instrument. Verification tests are usually performed by both parties after all the cabling projects are completed. This is the most comprehensive test.
Most people think that the work after the end of the wiring construction is only for the test and acceptance. However, for the wiring system, tag management is becoming increasingly prominent and is also a problem to be paid attention to during the construction acceptance, this issue affects the effective management and application of the cabling system. Effective Cabling Management is of great significance for the effective operation and maintenance of the cabling system and network.
The American commercial construction telecommunications infrastructure management standard TIA/EIA-606 defines the relevant marking specifications. The TIA/EIA-606 standard is designed to provide a unified management solution independent of system applications. Like wiring systems, wiring management systems must be independent of applications, because most application systems may change many times during the service life of buildings. The labels and Management of the cabling system make it easier and faster to move, add devices, and change the system.

For the cabling marking system, the material of the label is the key. In addition to the classification rules in the logo that must meet the requirements of the TIA/EIA 606 standard, the label must also pass the UL969 certification as required in the standard, this label ensures that it will not fall off for 15 years, and is waterproof, anti-tear, anti-corrosion, low temperature resistance, and high temperature. It can be applied in different environments and special harsh outdoor environments.

Computer network maintenance: five methods
Many network administrators spend the most time not managing networks, but maintaining users' computers. Although this is related to the unclear division of labor among personnel in different units, it is not hard to see that the OA network is facing a huge management challenge. This includes software and hardware reasons, but more importantly, it is caused by human reasons. Different user ages and levels of knowledge lead to different independent computer operation capabilities. Many problems require the support of technicians. Some misoperations may pose a great threat to the network. Seemingly simple computer maintenance is actually very time-consuming and laborious. Although we cannot avoid this problem at all, we can reduce it in an effective way.
1. Educate users-since human factors are the main cause of computer failures, we can train users accordingly. Training is not only technical, but we should also tell users what can be done and what cannot be done.
2. Network Maintenance Management System-human management often depends on the constraints of effective management systems. Therefore, the establishment of appropriate management systems will help the management work.
3. Standardization of Network Maintenance Management-standardized and formulated Management can greatly reduce work difficulty and improve work efficiency. For example, a unified software and hardware standard is developed. The hardware adopts a unified procurement method and model and brand, which facilitates hardware maintenance and promptly obtains technical support and repair services from the manufacturer.
4. Network Maintenance technical means-improve management efficiency through necessary technical means. For example, users based on Microsoft Windows operating systems can make full use of management policies to restrict certain operations on computers. Microsoft SMS software can be used to remotely manage users' computers. Cloning technology is used, back up users' hard disks. When the system crashes, you can recover the entire disk in a very short time ......
5. network maintenance tools-necessary testing tools can greatly improve our problem solving speed and reduce the loss caused by faults.

Network Management: focuses on Overall Performance Analysis
True network management should focus more on the analysis of the overall network performance, including the establishment and update of network documents, network traffic analysis, and network protocol analysis, so as to understand the network status quo, discover potential network problems.
1. Network Document-topology
Accurate network topologies play a vital role in modern network management. There are many drawbacks in the traditional way of drawing a topology manually. To reduce workload and improve accuracy and timeliness, many networks use network management software that can draw network topologies. These software can automatically update the network topology in real time, greatly reducing the difficulty of locating the physical location of faulty network devices.
2. Network Traffic Analysis
We can analyze the running status through some basic tests. To understand the size of network switching traffic, we usually need to test the network utilization rate. Because different network structures have different network traffic characteristics, the test methods are also different. For a shared network (Hub-based), you can access the network from any location to obtain the traffic information of the entire network. For a Switch-based network, we must test the traffic of each Switch port separately. For large enterprise networks, remote monitoring can also be used to obtain traffic information. Through the bandwidth utilization analysis of the system, we can understand the distribution and usage of the entire network bandwidth resources, so as to provide a powerful basis for the management of network traffic.
However, it is not enough to analyze the utilization rate of network bandwidth. This is only a macro test parameter. We need to further analyze the proportions of errors, conflicts, and broadcasts in the existing network traffic. A deeper understanding of protocol analysis can help us better understand the specific applications in the network, the resources they consume, and the network operations that users perform ...... This gives you a thorough understanding of the network.

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