Enterprise IM Android 1.3, Server 1.12, Android 1.12

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Enterprise IM Android 1.3, Server 1.12, Android 1.12

Nbu enterprise IMAndroid open-source mobile client EntboostIM released version 1.3, while the enbu IM server is updated to version 1.12;

Android updates:

  • Added the function of sending and receiving mobile phone files;

  • On the logon page, add an X button to the right of the Account Box to clear the account content;

  • Added the "add friend" and "verify" feature for both parties. The feature supports two modes: "verify friend" and "do not need to verify friend" to facilitate management of the operating platform;

  • Improve the friend (contact) management function, such as adding the friend group management function, and optimize the interface display and function operations;

  • Other improvements and optimizations, such as adding the department member function on the current interface to the Enterprise Department to fix some bugs and improve performance;

Main updates on the server:

  • Management Center background system configuration management adds configuration such as customization of the main interface and storage days of offline files;

  • Added functions such as account freezing, account enabling, and account deletion to the user list at the management center;

  • Added two encryption algorithms, aes_ecb and aes_cbc, and added some rest api interfaces to facilitate integrated management based on 3des;

  • Personal center user information, including country, region, address, phone number, email address, and other details;

  • Client Interface Optimization, such as adjusting the login verification program interface, re-designing the chat interface function buttons, and optimizing file transmission;

10 minutes, an instant messaging platform is installed for enterprises. entboost is a cross-platform and cross-application enterprise instant messaging platform, build an enterprise-level instant messaging operation platform; provide cross-platform, cross-terminal, cross-application real-time message communication solutions;

Nbu Internet Station: Http://www.entboost.com

PC open source project: Https://git.oschina.net/akee/entboost

Android open-source project: Https://git.oschina.net/akee/EntboostIM

IOS open source project: Https://git.oschina.net/akee/EntboostChat

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