Examples of Android photo taking, video recording, and Recording Code

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Package com. Cons. DCG. Collect;

Import java. Io. file;

Import java. Text. simpledateformat;

Import java. util. arraylist;

Import java. util. date;

Import java. util. hashmap;

Import java. util. List;

Import Android. App. activity;

Import Android. App. notification;

Import Android. App. icationicationmanager;

Import Android. App. pendingintent;

Import Android. App. progressdialog;

Import Android. content. intent;

Import Android. database. cursor;

Import android.net. Uri;

Import Android. OS. asynctask;

Import Android. OS. Bundle;

Import Android. OS. environment;

Import Android. provider. mediastore;

Import Android. View. keyevent;

Import Android. View. Menu;

Import Android. View. menuinflater;

Import Android. View. menuitem;

Import Android. View. view;

Import Android. View. View. onclicklistener;

Import Android. widget. adapterview;

Import Android. widget. arrayadapter;

Import Android. widget. Button;

Import Android. widget. edittext;

Import Android. widget. spinner;

Import Android. widget. Toast;

Public class problemreport extends activity implements onclicklistener {

Private Static final int result_capture_image = 1; // the photo's requestcode
Private Static final int request_code_take_video = 2; // The requestcode of the camera.
Private Static final int result_capture_recorder_sound = 3; // requestcode of the recording
private string strimgpath = ""; // absolute path of the photo file
private string strvideopath = ""; // absolute path of the video file
private string strrecorderpath = ""; // absolute path of the recording file

@ Override

Protected void oncreate (bundle savedinstancestate ){

Super. oncreate (savedinstancestate );

This. setcontentview (R. layout. problem_report );

@ Override

Protected void onactivityresult (INT requestcode, int resultcode, intent data ){

Super. onactivityresult (requestcode, resultcode, data );

Switch (requestcode ){

Case result_capture_image: // take a photo

If (resultcode = result_ OK ){

Toast. maketext (this, strimgpath, Toast. length_short). Show ();



Case request_code_take_video: // video shooting

If (resultcode = result_ OK ){

Uri urivideo = data. getdata ();

Cursor cursor = This. getcontentresolver (). Query (urivideo, null );

If (cursor. movetonext ()){

/* _ DATA: absolute path of the file, _ display_name: file name */

Strvideopath = cursor. getstring (cursor. getcolumnindex ("_ DATA "));

Toast. maketext (this, strvideopath, Toast. length_short). Show ();




Case result_capture_recorder_sound: // recording

If (resultcode = result_ OK ){

Uri urirecorder = data. getdata ();

Cursor cursor = This. getcontentresolver (). Query (urirecorder, null );

If (cursor. movetonext ()){

/* _ DATA: absolute path of the file, _ display_name: file name */

Strrecorderpath = cursor. getstring (cursor. getcolumnindex ("_ DATA "));

Toast. maketext (this, strrecorderpath, Toast. length_short). Show ();


Software Development




* Photography


Private void cameramethod (){

Intent imagecaptureintent = new intent (mediastore. action_image_capture );

Strimgpath = environment. getexternalstoragedirectory (). tostring () + "/consdcgmpic/"; // folder for storing photos

String filename = new simpledateformat ("yyyymmddhhmmss"). Format (new date () + ". jpg"; // name the photo

File out = new file (strimgpath );

If (! Out. exists ()){

Out. mkdirs ();


Out = new file (strimgpath, filename );

Strimgpath = strimgpath + filename; // the absolute path of the photo

Uri uri = URI. fromfile (out );

Imagecaptureintent. putextra (mediastore. extra_output, Uri );

Imagecaptureintent. putextra (mediastore. extra_video_quality, 1 );

Startactivityforresult (imagecaptureintent, result_capture_image );


* video shooting
private void videomethod () {
intent = new intent (mediastore. action_video_capture);
intent. putextra (mediastore. extra_video_quality, 0);
startactivityforresult (intent, request_code_take_video);


* recording function
private void soundrecordermethod () {
intent = new intent (intent. action_get_content);
intent. settype ("audio/AMR");
startactivityforresult (intent, result_capture_recorder_sound);


* message
* @ Param text
* @ Param duration

private void showtoast (string text, int duration) {
toast. maketext (problemreport. this, text, duration ). show ();


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