4 sub-screen playback 4 channel HD h264 format for RTSP streaming under Android

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==================== Problem Description ====================
Use Videoview to do the display. Play all the way a little problem, no card, very real-time, but, more can not play, also reported wrong. Automatically eject a dialog box that cannot be played.
The same is true with Surfaceview.
I hear it's because the Android bottom only supports decoding.
Do you have to transplant ffmpeg? But this is soft decoding ah, the efficiency is too low, and seemingly quite complex.

Who has a better way to do it.

==================== Solution 1====================
Reference 4 Floor q343524926 's reply:
Quote: Referring to the reply of the 2 floor u011423665:

That's 4.2 or more. Low version does not support multipath decoding unless you can change the underlying decoding, it's not going to work at the framework level.

4.2 must support multi-channel decoding? That is, directly drag 4 videoview set up a good URI can be directly to the RTSP real-time playback?
If it is certain, I will apply for the company to buy a 4.2 tablet try.

Anyway, my 4.2.0 system's mobile phone put 8 no problem directly put 8 Videoview at the same time put the network better not card, 4.0 of the mobile phone test 3 are not

4 sub-screen playback 4 channel HD h264 format for RTSP streaming under Android

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