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4 sub-screen playback 4 channel HD h264 format for RTSP streaming under Android

==================== Problem Description ====================Use Videoview to do the display. Play all the way a little problem, no card, very real-time, but, more can not play, also reported wrong. Automatically eject a dialog box that cannot be played.The same is true with Surfaceview.I hear it's because the Android bottom only supports decoding.Do you have to transplant ffmpeg? But this is soft decoding ah, the efficiency is too low, and seemingly

iOS streaming media Live whole framework introduction (HLS, RTSP)

following: #EXTM3U #EXT-x-stream-inf:program-id=1, bandwidth=200000 m3u8 #EXT-x-stream-inf:program-id=1, bandwidth=200000 m3u8 #EXT-x-stream-inf:program-id=1, bandwidth=500000 m3u8 #EXT-x-stream-inf:program-id=1, bandwidth=500000 m3u8 In the example above, when the client connects to the primary server Alpha fails, it attempts to connect

Easydarwin Open Source Community streaming video course: Streaming media Transmission Control Protocol (RTSP RTP SDP) detailed RTP

Video courses and related documents code address: ProtocolThe real-time Transport protocol RTP (real-time Transport Protocol) is a network transport protocol that was published by the IETF Multimedia Transmission Working Group in RFC 1889 in 1996 and later updated in RFC3550.ITU-T also released its own RTP documentation as a h.225.0, but it was later canceled when the IETF released a standard RFC on its stability. It is described in detail as an I

Real-time Streaming protocol RTSP (Realtimestreamingprotocol)

Real-time Streaming protocol RTSP (Realtimestreamingprotocol) is proposed by RealNetworks and Netscape, which defines how a one-to-many application can efficiently transfer multimedia data over an IP network. RTSP is on the architecture of RTP and RTCP, which uses TCP or RTP to complete data transfer. HTTP transmits HTML compared to

RTSP: Real Time Streaming Protocol)

RTSP: Real Time Streaming Protocol)Real-time stream protocol (RTSP) establishes and controls one or more time-synced continuous streaming media, such as audio and video. Although continuous media streams and control flow may cross, RTSP itself does not send continuous stream

Basic knowledge of real-time streaming media programming in Linux (RTP, RTCP, RTSP)

protocols. Ii. Streaming Media ProtocolReal-Time Transport Protocol (PRT) is a network protocol used to process multimedia data streams over the Internet. It can be used in one-to-one (unicast, unicast) scenarios) or you can transmit streaming media data in real time in a one-to-multiple (Multi-play) network environment. RTP usually uses UDP for multimedia data transmission, but other protocols such as TCP

Mplayer supports RTSP/RTP streaming media files

Hostzhu comment: mplayer's support for streaming media allows you to use Linux to view live webcast. The promotion of multimedia applications in Linux is not measurable.RTSP/RTP streaming support for mplayerThe Open Source "mplayer" Media Player can now receive and play standards-compLiant RTP audio/video streams, using the "live555 Streaming Media" source codeLi

Streaming video with RTSP and RTP

The Code In this lab you will implement a streaming video server and client that communicate using the Real-Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) and send data using the Real-Time Transfer Protocol (RTP ). your task is to implement the RTSP protocol in the client and implement the RTP packetization in the server. We will prov

Call Live555 receive RTSP live stream, convert to HTTP Live streaming (iOS live) protocol

Live555 receive RTSP live stream, convert HTTP Live streaming (iOS live) protocolThe RTSP protocol is also a widely used live/on-demand streaming protocol that previously implemented a program that received the RTSP protocol via live555 and then converted it to the HLS (Http

[GO] Streaming Media protocol introduction (RTP/RTCP/RTSP/RTMP/MMS/HLS)

[GO] Streaming Media protocol introduction (RTP/RTCP/RTSP/RTMP/MMS/HLS) reference Documentationrfc3550/rfc3551Real-time Transport Protocol) is a Transport layer protocol for multimedia traffic on the Internet. The RTP protocol details the standard packet format for transmitting audio and video over the Internet. RTP protocols are commonly used in

How to play RTSP Streaming Media on ophone Platform

How to play RTSP Streaming Media on ophone PlatformRTSP (Real Time Streaming Protocol) is an application layer protocol in the TCP/IP protocol system. This Protocol defines how one-to-multiple applications can effectively transmit multimedia data over an IP network.RTSP can be well supported by mainstream players. With the development of smart mobile phones, more

What is the difference between streaming media protocol rtmp,rtsp and HLS?

to real-time requirements are very high, such as 0.5s or less, this is a good choice. The former mimic Spydroid wrote a proposed RTSP server, in fact, is options,describe,setup,play,pause,teardown these steps, the agreement with the most extensive, on-line introduction is more. To really understand the RTSP protocol, the C + + language is good to see live555.RTMP protocol, own recent research, if intereste

Introduction to Streaming Media protocol (Rtp/rtcp/rtsp/rtmp/mms/hls

transmit multimedia data over an IP network. RTSP provides a scalable framework that enables real-time data, such as audio and video, to be controlled and on-demand. Data sources include field data and data that is stored in a clip. The protocol is designed to control multiple data-sending connections, providing a way to select Send channels, such as UDP, multicast UDP, and TCP, and provide a way to select the RTP-based send mechanism.RTSP (Real time

Introduction to Streaming Media Protocol (RTP/RTCP/RTSP/RTMP/MMS/HLS)

currently encountered: server-side real-time acquisition, encoding and sending two video, the client receives and displays two video. Because the client does not need to do any replay, backward operation of the video data, it can be implemented directly by udp+rtp+ multicast.RTP: Real-time Transport protocol (real-time Transport Protocol)RTP/RTCP is the protocol that actually transmits the dataRTP transmits audio/video data, if the play,server is sent to the client side, if it is a record, it c

RTSP Streaming Media Player implementation

Recently, we need to create an RTSP Streaming Media Player. After studying it, we encapsulate an RTSP playing class crtspplayer, and the decoding library uses FFMPEG. Due to the simple requirement and limited time, only the following basic interfaces are available: Play, stop, and pause. The following is a simple RTSP

C # Use Emgu CV to play streaming media (RTSP ),

C # Use Emgu CV to play streaming media (RTSP ), Emgu CVIs a cross platform. net wrapper to the OpenCV image processing library. allowing OpenCV functions to be called from. NET compatible programming ages such as C #, VB, VC ++, IronPython etc. the wrapper can be compiled by Visual Studio, Xamarin Studio and Unity, it can run on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, iOS, Android

Nginx+ffmpeg set up rtmp to broadcast RTSP streaming flash server

This article outlines:Nginx is a very good open source server, use it to do HLS or rtmp streaming media server is a very good choice. This paper introduces a simple method to quickly set up rtmp streaming media server, also known as RTSP retransmission, the data source is not read files, but use to obtain rtspnal stream after using FFmpeg retransmission. CSDN: [E

Front-end playback streaming media (RTMP,RTSP,HLS)

Preface Recent projects require streaming media playback, the backend provides three kinds of streaming data (Rtsp,rtmp,hls), in different scenarios may be used in different ways to play, you need to adapt to support all streaming data playback. Spent a period of time studying, here and share with you, there are some

3G applications-RTSP Streaming Media Playback on Windows Mobile and Symbian platforms

After a period of effort, the 3G mobile app Streaming Media Player project is coming to an end. Think back to the ups and downs of the entire process! A total of two platform applications have been developed. The first is the Windows Mobile platform, which has more resources than Symbian. Let's talk about the implementation idea. We just started to consider using DirectShow. After verification, we failed to achieve the expected goal (poor level, don't

Use VLC to build RTSP streaming server under Mac

Want to build a RTSP streaming media server on their Mac, find out, or think VLC is the simplest and most practical. Download the installation of VLC, after the installation path:/applications/ The utility command starts the server with the following command A 0.0. 0.0 --rtsp-port=55555Above command, will open a Telnet service, port 4212, pass

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