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4 sub-screen playback 4 channel HD h264 format for RTSP streaming under Android

==================== Problem Description ====================Use Videoview to do the display. Play all the way a little problem, no card, very real-time, but, more can not play, also reported wrong. Automatically eject a dialog box that cannot be played.The same is true with Surfaceview.I hear it's because the Android bottom only supports decoding.Do you have to transplant ffmpeg? But this is soft decoding

4-Channel Filter Beginner's iOS face test

of concrete implementation of the plan.3. In an HTTPS connected Web site, enter the account password click Login, before the server returned to the request, what happened in the middleThis problem is seen in other, originally the topic is to login to Gmail, but perhaps some people in the country do not know that Google is very early full station HTTPS, so here is particularly pointed out that the connection is HTTPS.There are a lot of things to talk

How can we solve the channel pollution problem in the CDMA wireless network system?

Mobile Station, the switching gain is negative at the moment of switching, that is, not only does not have the gain, but it increases the possibility of switching failure. 4. Solution to pilot pollution To solve the pilot pollution, it is mainly to highlight the strong pilot signal, reduce the pilot frequency entering the activation set, and weaken some of the pilot signals, which can reduce the interference caused by these pilot signals, solve the

Poj1129 channel allocation dyeing problem

relationships. Each line has the form: A: bcdh Which indicates that the repeaters B, C, D and H are adjacent to the repeater. the first line describes those adjacent to repeater A, the second those adjacent to B, and so on for all of the repeaters. if a repeater is not adjacent to any other, its line has the form A: The repeaters are listed in alphabetical order. Note that the adjacency is a valid Ric relationship; if A is adjacent to B, then B is necessarily adjacent to. also, since the r

LIVE555 Client Multi-channel 1080P video streaming flower screen problem

.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------Resolution Progress :2015.06.08Yes, all the way to the 3 road 1080P is no problem, just 4 or 4 or more on the road.Also yesterday test, try to increase the socket buffer to 10M test found in the

Algorithm problem of 2-channel factorial

To the 51nod new UI to do the problem, by the way, here are 2 factorial questions,1003 factorial back 0 of the numberHow many 0 are behind the factorial of n? The factorial of 6 = 1*2*3*4*5*6 = 720,720 is followed by a 0. InputA number n (1 OutPutNumber of outputs 0Input example5Output example1The first reaction to this question is, is this not a regular one? Well, really, the question is, how does the 0 at

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