LIVE555 Client Multi-channel 1080P video streaming flower screen problem

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The hardware and software Environment is this:
DM8168 + Linux, decoder is DM8168 comes with
Video Source :
The IPC was sent over by the live555 made by RTSP Sever
Other tests :
Through VLC in the PC even 4-way 1080P no problem, are quite smooth;
The same 1080p 4-way to 6-way is not a problem with the RTSP client that was implemented in the previous project (only that it takes up too much memory to rewrite it with live555)

live555 RTSP Client clients are probably as follows:
Modify OPENRTSP to enable multiple instances to support multiple rtspclient, where Env uses the same one, that is, only one eventloop, that is, single-threaded;

The following problems exist :
When the 3-way 1080P video display is smooth, frame rate 25, every 1 seconds for the arrival of the cycle: 0x67 (SPS) ... 0x68 (PPS) ... 0X65 (IDR) ... data;
But when 4 or 4 or more 1080P, the video becomes very card, found that SPS and PPS is also the arrival of the same time, but 0x65 has become very little, feel should be lost.

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Resolution Progress :


Yes, all the way to the 3 road 1080P is no problem, just 4 or 4 or more on the road.
Also yesterday test, try to increase the socket buffer to 10M test found in the first about 1 minutes, the video stream smooth, Sps,pps,idr periodic arrival, but after the IDR began to lose, video start card; Guess 10M socket buffer is full, Due to the processing of the new received data to the previous data washed out, resulting in a video flower screen. The feeling is still to deal with the reason, also do not know is the program writes which has the question ...


The test found no decoding, only take the stream (also just start Live555 fetch stream) also has the problem, one to 4 or more than 4 1080p,0x65 (IDR packet) is sharply reduced, and SPS, pps appear disproportionate, the CPU occupied by (53%, 58%, 60% 69%), and have been wandering between them.

LIVE555 Client Multi-channel 1080P video streaming flower screen problem

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