AE + C # implement merge, and AE implement merge of the same structure layers C # code

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AE + C # merge implementation

Ilayer player;
Ifeaturelayer pfeaturelayer;
Ifeatureclass pfeatureclass;
Iworkspacename pnewwsname;
Ibasicgeoprocessor pbasicgeop;
Ifeatureclassname pfeatureclassname;
Idatasetname pdatasetname;
Ifeatureclass poutputfeatclass;
Ifeaturelayer poutputfeatlayer;
Iarray parray;
Itable ptable;
// Merge the set of Layers
Parray = new arrayclass ();
For (INT I = 0; I <this. axmapcontrol1.layercount; I ++)
Player = This. mapc_main.get_layer (I );
Parray. Add (player );
// Define the fields table of the output layer
Player = This. mapc_main.get_layer (0 );
Ptable = (itable) player;
Pfeaturelayer = (ifeaturelayer) player;
Pfeatureclass = pfeaturelayer. featureclass;
// Determine whether there are more than two layers
If (this .. axmapcontrol1.layercount <2 ){
MessageBox. Show ("Table Qi failed ");
// Output file type
Pfeatureclassname = new featureclassnameclass ();
Pfeatureclassname. featuretype = esrifeaturetype. esriftsimple;
Pfeatureclassname. shapefieldname = "shape ";
Pfeatureclassname. shapetype = pfeatureclass. shapetype;
// Output the shapefile name and position
Pnewwsname = new workspacenameclass ();
Pnewwsname. workspacefactoryprogid = "esrisponcesfile. shapefileworkspacefactory ";
Pnewwsname. pathname = "E: \ cshape ";
Pdatasetname = (idatasetname) pfeatureclassname;
Pdatasetname. Name = "union_result_1 ";
Pdatasetname. workspacename = pnewwsname;

// Merge Layers
Pbasicgeop = new basicgeoprocessorclass ();
Poutputfeatclass = pbasicgeop. Merge (parray, ptable, pfeatureclassname );
// Add the output layer to the map
Poutputfeatlayer = new featurelayerclass ();
Poutputfeatlayer. featureclass = poutputfeatclass;
Poutputfeatlayer. Name = poutputfeatclass. aliasname;
This .. axmapcontrol1.addlayer (poutputfeatlayer as ilayer, 0 );

From: Tid = 27749 & extra = Page % 3d3

TheWorkspacefactoryprogidIdentifies the progid of the workspacefactory object that is used to open that participant workspace.

Here is a list of some of the possible workspacefactoryprogids:

    • Esridatasourcesgdb. accessworkspacefactory
    • Esristmcesfile. arcinfoworkspacefactory
    • Esristmcesfile. cadworkspacefactory
    • Esridatasourcesgdb. filegdbworkspacefactory
    • Esridatasourcesoledb. oledbworkspacefactory
    • Esristmcesfile. pccoverageworkspacefactory
    • Esridatasourcesraster. rasterworkspacefactory
    • Esridatasourcesgdb. sdeworkspacefactory
    • Esridatasourcesfile. shapefileworkspacefactory
    • Esridatasourcesoledb. textfileworkspacefactory
    • Esristmcesfile. tinworkspacefactory
    • Esristmcesfile. vpfworkspacefactory


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