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Analog calls on the Android simulator

Project requirements to do a control caller ID android application, then we need to simulate the caller effect on the emulator, below to see how to implement the Android simulator on the analog calls

The method is as follows:
1. Single Telephone
Open command line cmd and enter Telnet return.
Then enter o localhost 5,554 back to the car and connect to the emulator.
Enter GSM call 123456 to show OK
Then look at the simulator, there are calls on it.
Hang up the phone: GSM Cancel < analog incoming phone number >
Set other modes: GSM voice unregistered for the network can not be unicom, denied for emergency call mode

Help GSM
Allows you to the change gsm-related settings, or to make a new inbound phone call

Available Sub-commands:
GSM List List current phone calls
GSM Call Create inbound phone call
GSM busy close waiting outbound call as Busy
GSM hold change the state of a oubtound call to ' held '
GSM Accept change the state of a outbound call to ' active '
GSM Cancel disconnect an inbound or outbound phone call
GSM data Modify data connection state
GSM Voice Modify voice connection state
GSM Status Display GSM status
2. Multiple simulator analog multicast call
Start multiple simulators, and in simulator A, broadcast the port number of emulator B.
3. Send SMS
SMS Send < analog send SMS Phone number > < SMS content >
For example: SMS Send 1234567 Hello

Telnet server problem with Vista system

"Ask" Vista under the input telnet, hint did not find the file, how to retrieve Telnet it.

"Answer" many in Vista did not find a Telnet program, such as the "Start" in the "Run" or "Search" box, enter Telnet, prompted not to find the file, in fact, Vista is not installed by default, because it is set for the server, in Windows Server 2008 is installed by default.

The solution is also very simple, install Vista directly in the system components, operating procedures, "My Computer"-> "Control Panel"-> "Programs and features," in the tree diagram on the left you can see "turn on or off Windows features" in the Open New dialog box "Windows Features "Telnet Server" and "Telnet client" can be seen, we select these two, Telnet is restored, if only to connect to the remote server, we simply install the Telnet client.

simulate receiving SMS and incoming calls when Android debugging

Android simulator simulates receiving SMS and incoming calls

About sending text messages and dialing phones, which are simple in Android, can be done with one or two code.

There are two ways to receive text messages and calls:

1: Emulator control with the Android emulator (what? I don't know where this is-_-!eclipse. There is a + number in the lower left corner, select Other, find the open Android directory to see. Or enter EM in the search box above ...)

You see that? Enter incoming number, select voice is analog call, select SMS is analog send SMS.

In fact, the Android simulator also has its own SIM card number: 15555218135.

In the mobile phone can be found:

Settings--about Phone--status--phone Number

Settings--About mobile--status--Mobile phone number

2: Using the command line

Under CMD, you can send some instructions to the simulator and tell the simulator whether I am calling or texting.

Open cmd, enter: Telnet localhost 5554

Note: The Vista system does not open Telnet by default, and we need to manually open it.

5554 is the port number of the simulator, you can also see the title of the simulator.

Then enter: GSM Call 15555218135

Look at the simulator, is there a 15555218135 call?

Re-enter: SMS send, such as: SMS Send 15555218135 Hello

Does the simulator have a hint to send a message over?

This allows us to debug our process of calling and receiving SMS in the simulator.

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