Android 5.0 Material Design is a collection of cool open-source projects, and android is cool

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Android 5.0 Material Design is a collection of cool open-source projects, and android is cool

I. Preface

Android 5.0 has been online for a while. It is estimated that our friends have seen a great breakthrough over the previous versions on the Android interface. This gives us a cool and smooth jump, with a vivid UI switch, Android users can finally sigh that Google has upgraded so many versions and finally made a decent UI. Developers are also addicted to seeing these beautiful animations. The high people on github have been hungry and impatient to write a variety of easy-to-use and dazzling special effects. Today, let's take a look at which open-source projects can be used better.

Material Menu

Project address:

Comments: simple and easy to use, fast updates, and updated by the author every day

Material Dialog

Project address:

Comments: This is written by Chinese people, applicable to the white as the main style of the app, compatible with Android2.2, his blog articles are also very good


Project address:

Comment: In the style of using activity + Tab everywhere, whether it is the top tab or the bottom tab is indispensable. Let's have a year. System development needs to be performed on API14 or above. If the system is compatible with 8, the system will be severely affected.


Project address:

Comments: This is similar to holoEverywhere, a project that came out in the past 4.0. It is used to be compatible with projects developed in the old version style.

Material Design Android Library

Project address:

Comment: This is very similar to the previous one, but it is more powerful. It almost packs all the commonly used controls and is compatible with 2.2. It will be a very good choice for rapid development.

Material Dialogs

Project address:

Comment: This is similar to the preceding dialog, which is more comprehensive.


Project address:

Comment: This facilitates the input detection error prompt. If you do not need to add Textview by yourself, the input prompt is displayed.

Material example

Project address:

Comments: this is a project developed directly in MySQL 5.0. The special effects are very good, but this is not compatible with versions earlier than MySQL 5.0. Look at the new features of MySQL 5.0.


Project address:

Comments: This individual feels like a simple slide, with a nice style

Material-ish Progress

Project address:

Comments: more than 2.3, a personalized progress bar of more than 5.0

The sky is dark. find so many items and keep updating them.

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