Android Material Design-Creating Apps with Material Design (use Material Design to Design Apps)-(0), materialandroid

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Android Material Design-Creating Apps with Material Design (use Material Design to Design Apps)-(0), materialandroid

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This article is the first official material design document translation article. For more information about material design, see the Chinese version of the translated ebook (not updated ).

Material design is a cross-platform comprehensive guide for visual, action, and interaction design. To use Material design in your Android app, (You Should) follow our (Tutorial) the Material design specifications described in the Guide and the effective use of new components and functions are available at Android API level 21 ).

You can create the materialdesign app through the following points.

L Material topic

L card and list controls

L customized shadow and view editing

L vector printable object

L Custom Animation



Getting Started [Android Material Design-Getting Started (Getting Started)-(1)]

How to Use materialdesign to update your app.

Using the Material Theme [Android Material Design-Using the Material Theme (use the Material topic)-(2)]

How to Use the theme style of material design in your app.

Creating Lists and Cards

How to Create a list and a card (layout) with the same appearance and feeling through the system control ).

Defining Shadows andClipping Views

How to create custom shadows for your Layout View and how to crop the view.

Working with Drawables

How to Create vector printable objects and how to color and draw resources.

Defining CustomAnimations

How to Create a Custom Animation and activity with the transition of shared elements.

Maintaining Compatibility

How to be compatible with versions earlier than Android.

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