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Android dynamic wallpaper is essentially a "service", which can be loaded by the launcher on the main interface. So how can launcher identify this APK with dynamic wallpaper service? The intent-filter action of the androidmanifest. xml file leaks the following:

<Action Android: Name="Android. Service. wallpaper. wallpaperservice" />
<Action Android: Name = "android. Service. wallpaper. wallpaperservice"/>

Yes. The system officially uses the APK action to load it into the livepicker list as a dynamic wallpaper. You can select your favorite dynamic wallpaper in the livepicker list, then, the dynamic wallpaper is displayed behind the launcher.

It should be noted that although the android dynamic wallpaper seems to be displayed in the launcher background, it is only an illusion that the dynamic wallpaper and launcher are completely different processes, however, the launcher and the dynamic wallpaper process can communicate with each other through the wallpapermanager in the framework. When a user slides the launcher desktop and clicks the screen, some dynamic wallpapers can interact with each other, in fact, this process completes communication. If you passCodeSet the background of the launcher to non-transparent. For example, if the background is an opaque image or color, you will not see any dynamic wallpaper effect. Of course, in this case, you won't see the static wallpaper either.

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