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ASUS has released a new Windows 8/android dual-system All-in-one P1801 in Beijing. Unlike traditional All-in-one products, Asus P1801 has used the concept of morphing previously on the Asus tablet computer, with a 18.4-inch screen that is available as a tablet computer, and is free to switch between Windows 8 and Android systems. In addition to hardware, the machine itself in the flat part of the Tegra 3 processor, while one machine is equipped with I3/I5/I7 processor. At present, the machine i5 version of the model in Jingdong mall price of 11999 yuan.

One-body 18.4-inch large flat

This ASUS P1801 is designed to subvert our concept of the traditional touch-one machine, and the separable design of the flat and fuselage not only looks more novel and unique, but also has a certain expansion in practical applications. In appearance, the machine is divided into two parts of the screen and bracket, the combination of use and we see the traditional Windows 81 body machine is no different, but after removing the screen part, the 18.4-inch screen becomes a giant Android tablet.

The designer of the Asus Taipei headquarters said in the conference that the reason for ASUS to launch such a deformable machine products, it is due to see the modern home users of the application of PC products have higher requirements, and the concept of mobility is no longer limited to outdoor, from the living room to the bedroom, From the study to the balcony such a short distance mobile application has gradually become the basic demands of the majority of users. The choice of 18 inches is mainly designed to meet the needs of the user for desktop and mobile applications.

According to the introduction, the Asus P1801 screen part of the weight of 2.4Kg, although in order to facilitate movement, on the back of the screen to design a hidden handle, but in our actual experience in the scene will still feel a little biased. Of course, if only from the living room to the bedroom, from the study to the balcony such a short distance move or let us be acceptable.

Dual system + two sets of hardware combination

In addition to the separable operation, the design of this ASUS P1801 dual system has attracted much attention. As we mentioned earlier, the machine is divided into two parts of the screen and the bracket, and in fact, the screen part is actually a complete giant plate, installed with the Android 4.1 system, and the bracket is a fairly integrated mainframe, installed with Windows 8 system, The two systems are free to switch through the blue buttons on the right side of the flat.

Through the field staff introduction we learned that the so-called dual-system switching is actually using WiFi to allow the screen part of the connection with the stent, and then through the screen part of the stent in the Windows 8 system interface mirroring the implementation. That is, in real use, the seemingly 18.4-inch tablet runs Windows 8, but in fact the tablet itself is just a display, and the actual hardware is in the bracket.

From this we can also calculate that, although the machine nominal in the flat mode of the two systems of the duration of 3-4 hours, but in accordance with the above system switching principle, should be in the flat "run" Windows 8 o'clock endurance longer.

Since Asus P1801 is a combination of an Android tablet and a standard PC, the hardware is bound to have two sets of combinations. As an all-in-one computer, Asus P1801 is equipped with the Intel Core I3/i5/i7 processor, 8GB memory, 1TB hard drive, with Nvidia gt730m standalone graphics, and the Asus P1801 as a tablet is equipped with the NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor, 2GB memory, 32GB storage capacity, 1080P specification IPs 178-degree wide viewing screen supports ten-point multi-touch.

New "mobile" Digital Life philosophy

Undeniably, with the tablet, mobile phones and other mobile devices in the way, the traditional PC products have not been the glory of the past, so that people's understanding of traditional PC products has also undergone a qualitative change. It is clear that the major PC manufacturers for this situation is not to disconsolate, are in their respective search for a new breakthrough.

We look at the actual experience of this ASUS P1801 from the scene, although not sure of its "dual system", "deformation" of this type of integrated product innovation thinking can really touch the consumer nerve endings, but we for its traditional one computer only a few square meters of the use of space to extend the entire apartment to the new "mobile" The concept of digital life is still more expected. Perhaps we shouted for years of "digital home" is the case.

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