Azure PowerShell (5) Create simple Azure virtual machines and Linux virtual machines with Azure PowerShell

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Before you introduce a lot of content about Windows Azure, it's basically created from Windows Azure Management portal. This way of creating is straightforward, but the cost of work is enormous if IT administrators need to create 1000 azure services at the same time.

In fact, we can manage Windows Azure through Windows Azure PowerShell through a command-line approach. This makes it very easy to do things like batch creation of Azure Virtual machine. The next step is to start this chapter.

  If you are running Azure PowerShell for the first time, follow the previous article to download the Azure PowerShell settings file and upload it to the cloud.


Learn about Azure's help naming

1. Let's Run the command first: HelpAzureto see which command lines Windows Azure provides. I only intercepted part of the content, such as:


In the we can see that Azure PowerShell provides a lot of commands. such as the add-azurevhd we have previously explained.

2. We run the command again:get-azurevmimage, this command is to list all Azure Virtual machine images that contain Windows and Linux. I only intercepted part of the content, such as:



  Start creating an azure virtual machine

1. Specify the current storage

' <SubscriptionName> ' ' <StorageAccount> '

For example, I want to designate a subscription as ' Windows Azure msdn-visual Studio Ultimate ' and a storage account of ' Leivms '.

Execute the following command:

' Windows Azure msdn-visual Studio Ultimate ' ' Leivms '

2. If I want to create a new virtual machine from Azure PowerShell


-VM size is extrasmall

-VM image for Windows Server Datacenter

-windows user name is Leizhang, password is [email protected]

-dns name is leiazure

-High Availability Group for Avbset

-Data Center Select East Asia

  3. to set the image to Windows Server Datacenter First,

$imageList = get-azurevmimage '| where {$_-eq"a699494373c04fc0bc8f2bb1389d6106__"}$image=$ ImageList[0]

The results of the implementation are as follows:


$image command to display information about the Windows Server Datacenter image that we need


If I want to blur the query Azureimage, you can use the asterisk (*) wildcard character to blur the query.

For example, I only want to query the image of Windows Server Datacenter, PowerShell is as follows:

$imageList = get-azurevmimage '| where {$_-like"*windows-server-2012-datacenter*"}$ Image=$imageList[0]

4. Create a virtual machine

New-azurevmconfig-name'LEIAZUREVM'-instancesize'Extrasmall'-imagename $image. Imagename-availabilitysetname'Avbset'` | Add-azureprovisioningconfig-windows-adminusername'Leizhang'-password'[email protected]'` | New-azurevm-servicename'leiazure'-location'East Asia'

Execution results such as:

5. Query execution Results

We see create succeeded in PowerShell, but the process of creating an azure VM is asynchronous. At this point we look at the Azure Management Portal and discover that the VMS are being created. Such as:

We can also see the creation of a successful virtual machine via the management portal

OK, we've created the first virtual machine, and if you need to create a 2nd virtual machine LeiAzureVM002 Join the previously created,

and need to join the same high-availability group ' Avbset ', this PowerShell statement executes as follows:

' LeiAzureVM002 ' ' Extrasmall ' ' Avbset ' ' Leizhang ' ' [email protected] ' ' leiazure '

The results of the implementation are as follows:


  Create a simple Linux virtual machine

  If I want to create a simple Linux virtual machine, the OS is CentOS.

-VM name is LeiLinuxVM001

-VM size is Medium

-VM image for CentOS 6.4

-windows user name is adminuser, password is [email protected]

-dns name is LeiLinuxVM001

-High Availability Group for Avbset

-Data Center Select East Asia

1. Get CentOS virtual machine image and get CentOS image through fuzzy query

$imageList = get-azurevmimage 'where'*centos*'} $image=$ imagelist[0]

2. Create a virtual machine command:

' LeiLinuxVM001 ' ' Avbset ' ' Adminuser ' ' [email protected] ' |  ' LeiLinuxVM001 ' ' East Asia '

Execution results

Observe the results of the execution:

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Azure PowerShell (5) Create simple Azure virtual machines and Linux virtual machines with Azure PowerShell

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