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C # Open source Framework (collation) Json.NET http://json.codeplex.com/

Json.NET is a highly efficient. Net framework that reads and writes Json. Json.NET makes the. NET environment, it is much easier to use JSON. With LINQ to JSON, you can quickly read and write JSON, and you can serialize your. NET objects through Jsonserializer. Make it easy for you. NET all types (objects, basic data types, etc.) and JSON conversions.


The goal of Math.net is to provide a symbolic and mathematical/scientific operation with a clear framework of its own, which is an open source class library developed by C #. Math.net contains a parser that supports linear algebra, analyzes complex differential, solution equation and so on.


Is the development time not a problem for testing data? Faker.net can be very handy to help you generate high-volume test data. For example, the name of the person's table, gender or something.

Html Agility packhttp://htmlagilitypack.codeplex.com/

The Html Agility Pack is an open source project on CodePlex. It provides standard DOM APIs and XPath navigation-even if HTML is not in the proper format! HTML Agility Pack with Scrapysharp, completely remove the pain of HTML parsing.


Ncrawler is a foreign open source web crawler software that complies with the LGPL license agreement. Its HTML processing uses the Htmlagilitypack open Source Library, using XPath to handle the positioning of page elements, it is very convenient.


Superwebsocket is developed based on the. NET open source socket framework SuperSocket, and most of the features supported by SuperSocket are inherited in Superwebsocket. Superwebsocket allows users to quickly build reliable, high-performance WebSocket server-side applications.


SuperSocket is a lightweight, extensible socket development framework that can be used to build a server-side socket program without needing to know how to use the socket, how to maintain a socket connection, and how the socket works. The project is developed using pure C # and is easy to scale and integrate into existing projects. As long as your existing system is used. NET development, you can use SuperSocket to easily develop the socket application you need to integrate into your existing system.


Quartz.net is an open-source job scheduling framework, which is a. NET migration of the Opensymphony Quartz API, written in C # that can be used in WinForm and ASP. It provides a great deal of flexibility without sacrificing simplicity. You can use it to create simple or complex schedules for executing a job. It has many features, such as database support, clustering, plugins, support for cron-like expressions, and so on.


Lucene.Net is the. NET ported version of Lucene, an open source full-Text search engine development package, which is not a full-text search engine, but a full-text search engine architecture that provides a complete query engine and index engine. Developers can implement full-text retrieval capabilities based on Lucene.Net.

Httplib http://httplib.codeplex.com/

A class library of the HTTP protocol based on the C # language, Httplib makes it easier to process data asynchronously. Class library methods include uploading files to the server, obtaining page data, and so on.

Smart Thread Poolhttp://www.codeproject.com/articles/7933/smart-thread-pool

Smart thread pool, with Smartthreadpool can be implemented simply to support multithreaded programs, the thread pool to manage threads, you can reduce the occurrence of deadlocks. Smartthreadpool also supports a simple producer-consumer model, which is useful when you don't need to persist the task.


Docx is a lightweight class library that is used to manipulate word. With docx, developers can manipulate word2007/2010 files without having to install Microsoft Word.



Npoi is the. NET version of the POI project. Poi is an open source Java program that reads and writes Microsoft OLE2 component documents such as Excel, Word, and so on. With Npoi, you can read and write Word/excel documents on a machine that does not have Office installed or the appropriate environment. Npoi is built on the POI 3.x version, which can read and write Word/excel documents without Office installation.



Pdfsharp is an open source library that makes it easy to create PDF documents in the. NET language. It uses the same drawing program to create PDF documents, display them on the screen, and output them to the printer. You can modify, merge, and split existing PDF files to support transparent images.


Dapper is a lightweight ORM class. The code is a SqlMapper.cs file, compiled on the 40K a very small dll.dapper soon. The speed of the dapper is close to the IDataReader, and the data for the list exceeds the DataTable. Dapper supports a series of databases such as mysql,sqllite,mssql2000,mssql2005,oracle, but if you know the principle it can also support MONGO db. In other words, this ORM, blogger himself has been in use, indeed very tough, at least in terms of performance, I am afraid. NET most of the ORM can only be a candle.


NHibernate is now a more ORM for developers. NHibernate is an object/relational database mapping tool for the. NET environment. The term object/relational database mapping (Object/relational mapping,orm) represents a technique used to map objects represented by object models to SQL-based relational model data structures.


Log4net Library is the Apache log4j framework at Microsoft. NET platform is a tool that helps programmers to output log information to various targets (consoles, files, databases, etc.).

Sharpserializer http://sharpserializer.codeplex.com/

Sharpserializer is an open source XML and binary serializer. Sharpserializer can serialize XML and its own binary format, and can serialize other text formats such as JSON or other data encryption, compression, optimization, and other binary streams.


Xproxy is a base agent assembly that supports plug-ins. By writing a simple plug-in program, you will be able to develop a wide variety of agent programs.
Xproxy is a data switch that supports plug-in development and can write plug-ins to process transit data. Built-in with NAT plug-ins, encryption and decryption plug-ins, reverse proxy, direct agents, indirect agents and other plug-ins.


Nopcommerce is a foreign high-quality open-source system, based on EntityFramework4.0 and MVC3.0, using the Razor template engine, there is a strong plug-in mechanism, including payment distribution functions are implemented via plug-in, XML-based multilingual version , very flexible language switching function, including in the background can also edit the product's Chinese and English properties, is very suitable for foreign trade, excellent Advanced program architecture, performance is very powerful, custom product name and classification has a good SEO optimization. The overall capacity is much higher than some of the domestic programs that are poorly structured. NET marketplace, is the first choice for two development and large-to-consumer architectures. 3.0 started to support multi-store.

Enterprise libraryhttps://entlib.codeplex.com/

Enterprise Library for. NET Framework 3.5–entlib v4.1 is the patterns & practices team to develop a set of corporate libraries for the. NET Framework 3.5, currently the latest version is V5 .0, support for the. NET Framework 4.0, including 9 application blocks, including data Access Application block, exception Management (Exception handling Application Block), data validation (Validation Application Block), etc., is very helpful and practical for enterprise application development.


AUTOFAC is a very good IOC framework, compared to other IOC frameworks, such as spring.net, and so on, it is very lightweight and performance is also excellent.


AutoMapper is a. NET object mapping tool. Primarily used for transformations between domain objects and DTOs, database query results are mapped to entity objects.


7-zip is a compression software that boasts the highest compression ratios today, supporting not only the unique 7z file format, but also a variety of other compressed file formats, including Zip, RAR, CAB, GZIP, BZIP2 and TAR, among others. This software compresses the compression ratio to be higher than the normal zip file 30-50%, therefore, it can compress the zip format file 2-10%.

. Net PDF Class Library


Pdfsharp is a class library that makes it easy to create PDF files in any language that is supported by the. NET Framework.


The FO PDF is a C # control that writes similar to an ASP. NET server control. It accepts a DataTable and some other parameters to create XSL FO, and uses the Nfop (Apache FOP Port in J #) PDF formatter to draw a DataGrid like the PDF report. More tags will be added in the future to generate XSL FO.


The Report.net open source class library contains classes that generate accurate PDF documents. It is. NET platform, can help you create a simple and flexible PDF file. You can get data from any of the ADO datasets to create PDF documents. Asp. NET can use Report.net to create dynamic PDF response pages.


Sharppdf is a C # class library that you can use to create PDF files simply. It creates files in a white-compatible PDF format.


Itextsharp is an open source PDF Operation Class Library that allows you to quickly create PDF files. http://hardrock.cnblogs.com/is a Chinese blog about Itextsharp.

Work flow


Workflow.net is the creation of the workflow engine using Microsoft. NET technology based on the WMFC standard.


NETBPM is an open source workflow software that jbpm migrated to the. NET Platform. NETBPM can be easily integrated with. NET applications to create, execute, and manage workflow programs.
BPM tool supports the transformation of business models into software models. Business developers can design, implement, execute, and track business processes using a model-driven approach. This makes it easier for developers to focus on changes in business logic.

Persistence Layer Framework


NHibernate is an object persistence class library for a relational database that targets the. NET environment.
NHibernate comes from a very good Java-based hibernate-relational persistence tool. NHibernate from the bottom of the database to persist your. NET objects to the relational database. NHibernate handles this for you, you don't have to write your own SQL to access the database objects. Your code is only associated with objects, Nhibernat automatically generates SQL statements, and ensures that objects are submitted to the correct tables and fields. Massively reduces the time it takes to manually use SQL and ADO to process data during development. NHibernate can help you eliminate or wrap the SQL code for a particular database, and help you transform the result set from a tabular representation to a series of objects. So for those in based. NET in the application of the middle tier, they implement the object-oriented business model and the application of business logic, NHibernate is the most useful.

filehelpers Library

The Filehelpers Library is an open source. NET class Library written in C #. It is easy to use and can easily read/write data from fixed-length files or delimited records (CSV). It also supports importing/exporting data from different data storage formats (EXCEL, Access, SQL Server).


Websharp is an open source persistent layer framework for Chinese people, and its goal is to design a based on. NET is the framework of a common application software system to simplify based on. NET platform for the development of enterprise application software. Currently, Websharp focuses on the following aspects of enterprise application software:
1. Database access
2. O/R mapping
3. AOP
4. Distributed access


ObjectBroker is an open-source O/R mapping framework under the. NET Platform. It supports object caching, 1:1, 1:n, and m:n associated mappings, among other features.


Gentle.net is an open source, relational database (RDBMS)-independent object Persistence layer framework that automates the generation of SQL and object structures. It has a SQL factory to create custom queries, DataView build assistants, and excellent performance and complete documentation.


Ubik is an ORM persistence layer framework under C # 2.0 and is currently provided by WinForms application development. It supports a subset of Opath and can be object-oriented and contains a network event system.


Ndal is a data extraction layer (DAL) framework that can run on. NET and mono environments.


Persist.net is a complete persistence layer framework written in C #.


ObjectBroker is the database object/relationship mapping (O/R Mapping) framework under the. NET Platform.


Ibatis.net helps your application create a better persistence layer framework.

Advanced Data Provider

Advanced data Provider is a dynamic provider for ADO. Allows applications to transparently access different ADO data providers.


OJB. NET is an object/relationship mapping (O/R Mapping) tool under the. NET Platform.

Chart making


Zedgraph is written in C #. NET class library, which provides user controls and Web controls. It can create 2D linear, bar, and pie charts. It's full-featured and has a detailed feature customization, but using the default options is good enough.

. NET Charts

A C # Open source charting component similar to Piechart, Stackbar, and Linechart.


Nplot is an open source chart class library under. Net. Its commendable place is the elegant and flexible API design. Nplot contains the Windows Form control, ASP. NET control and a class that creates a bitmap picture. There is also an available gtk# control.


Xscharting is a charting component developed in C # and offers a variety of charting options.


Davechart is a free dotnet class library.


Nchart offers a number of 2 D charts that are worth applying in many fields such as business, education and more.



Sharpmap is an easy-to-use map renderer that renders GIS data for Web and Windows applications. Sharpmap is an open source project that was written in C # and developed on the. NET 2.0 framework.


Monogis will be the open source complete GIS under the Mono platform. The Internet MAPSERVER,OGC WMS implementation and some tools like spatial format conversion have been published.

NASA World Wind

NASA World Wind is an open source 3D graphics Virtual Earth system on a PC developed by C #. It combines images from satellites taken by NASA, which are used in blue Marble, Landsat 7, SRTM, MODIS and much more.

C # Open Source tools (or C # Open source framework)

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